WIPs for the Home + Sewing

Here are my week's Work In Progress.

On the home front -

I sold my two pieces of furniture within a few days of posting!  Yay!  You can see those pieces here.

I did purchase a new piece though, and I got it for only $50!!  You may remember the recent popular post about  ridiculous thrift store prices.  Well, I got this piece off of Craigslist!  Eat that thrift store!  This credenza is an absolute beast.  It is super heavy.

I  am slowly working on decorating the living room.  I figure I would start with the lighting, which is nonexistent on one side of the room.  I'm going to get two can lights installed.  Normally, Matt would do the electrical in our home, but since he so busy with work and school, he has no time to deal with lighting.  I have a guy in our church who is willing to do the work.  These should be installed within the month.

I get the miter saw this weekend!  This means I can start working on the backside of my kitchen island! I will place a white herringbone design on the back.  This photo was taken from this post.  I have forgotten what my kitchen looks like without its new window treatments.  What a big difference!

And with sewing-

The most miraculous thing happened.  My church put together a women's sewing group, which I attended this past Sat.  I sewed from 9 am - 2 pm without any distractions or interruptions from a 2 year old!  And then to top it off, Owen has taken 3 1/2 hour naps these past two days.  All of this allowed me to have my friend's quilt top almost complete!  If everything goes as planned, I should have the quilt finished in two weeks.  And that's including the setback time of waiting for more Kona to come in the mail.   I'm just so shocked by this because it seemed like it took forever to finish my son's quilt.

I think this pattern helps it sew up quickly too.  Exact measurements are not needed.   Love that!  Once completed, this will be my second quilt ever.  I'm really excited if you can't tell!  :)

You may remember that I sounded slightly depressed to be working with brown, but now that I see it coming together I don't feel that way at all.

Lastly, I started a second quilt, but I am waiting to have it completed before I show you any of the fabrics or pattern.  I like surprises, don't you?  All that time has made me really productive!

What have you guys been up to?

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  1. So many projects, love it! That credenza is awesome, and what a price.

  2. That quilt is going to be beautiful! I just finished a project using the same stack of Bella.

  3. That credenza is gorgeous! I love the fabrics your using in your quilt. Yes sewing with the girls is loads of fun!

  4. That credenza is TO DIE FOR!! I seriously need to start scouring craigs list more. dang!


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