goodbye to inspiration

After much thought,  it saddens me to say I have decided to say goodbye to my Inspiration tab located at the top of my blog.  This means no more Fabric Fridays, Etsy, or Magazine Files.  I am not deleting these posts that have collected over the year, but after some research and long thought, I think it will be best to no longer have Fridays dedicated to fabric posts.   I have plenty of Fabric Fridays in my draft folder ready to share with you guys, but I have decided to only share those on occasion.  I love fabric and browsing through all the great selections of prints out there, but Fabric Fridays is one of my least popular posts.  I put a lot of work and effort to round up the prints I find, but I am feeling that work is not worth it.   Fabric Fridays, Etsy, and Magazine files will still be around, but you will need to either search for them in my Search box or click on the labels "Fabric Friday," "Etsy," or "Magazines."

If some of you loved Fabric Fridays, I am sorry if you find this post disappointing.  I'll continue to throw fabric finds into posts here and there.  What I am going to do instead?  I haven't given it much thought as to what I will do on Fridays.  Up to this point, Fridays were dedicated to fabric.   I do feel a little lost now, but I know I will pick back up and do something great.  To be honest, FF *almost* became a crutch for me when it came to blogging.  It gave me something to blog about (new bloggers should be able to relate to "fillers"), and it was comforting to know that FF would always close the blog week for me.

I am truly sorry if you were one of the few who did look forward to my Fridays.  Have a wonderful weekend!  I am camping, which means no internet.  It will be a nice break.

Thanks for stopping in today!


ps-  I would like to host a fabric swap!  I'm leaning towards a Spoonflower I Spy Charm Swap, but I am up for whatever.  If you are interested in participating, please click here.

Also, I finished the top of my friend's quilt, which you can see here.

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