kitchen island update + a few others

I thought it was time to give a little update on some past projects.  Long ago (er, March), I mentioned turning a dresser into a kitchen island.  I have it completed except for the back of the dresser.  I needed some time to think about my options, and I didn't want to rush into anything, which is a big first in my life.  Ha!  I thought about some realistic options along with a few crazier ideas like using foil or washi tape.  I even applied a few strips of washi tape to see what it would like.  I thought this was a bit too much, but I think the idea of applying washi tape to furniture could be really pretty if done correctly.

This was just a test.  Totally not doing this.

Lately, I have been drawn to wood paneling placed horizontally on kitchen islands.  Here are a few examples that I love.

Amy Butler's kitchen via


I like the styles above, but I would want my wood paneling to look like this white floor.

Considering I like the look above but the square footage of the back of my dresser is small, I don't think I could pull off horizontal wood paneling.  I'm afraid there would be no noticeable difference and all my effort would be for nothing.  (Remember that I have two metal stools that take up most of the space.)

SO I decided to I would make a herringbone pattern using 3"- 6" width pieces of wood, and paint them white.  This would give texture to the back of the dresser by using a interesting pattern.

I'm not planning to use bead board, but this gives you a general idea.


 I want the pattern to be there but also not be there, if that makes any sense.  I'll just have to wait and see how this turns out.  If it turns into a fail, I simply pull off the boards.    I cannot start this project until next month when I get my dad's miter saw.

Do you remember me talking about Flor tiles for my laundry area?  I spent a couple of hours coming up with different designs using a few colors I wanted.  I swear I had like 20 of them, and with all that time and effort, I ended up not buying any.  None!  Here are nine of the layouts I made.

I got through the ordering process and couldn't go any further when I saw the $95 price tag.  Ouch.  That was for a 3' x 5' rug and with a 15% off coupon.

 I returned this crazy looking bowl back to HomeGoods.   I wanted to use it as a light pendant. I figured it just wasn't worth it.  I think it could have turned out pretty cool with some spray paint, but since I wasn't feeling 100% about it, I decided to return it.

So there you go.  Those are the things I mentioned in the past but have forgotten to give you updates about.

I'm snapping photos of my workroom this week.  I mentioned it's not decorated, and I have no intentions of decorating it anytime soon.  But I thought you guys might be interested in seeing the space where all the magic happens.  Not that kind of magic guys.  geesh.  I really want my living room and my bedroom to be redone before I even look at my workroom.

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  1. We have some flor tiles that we bought a few years ago. They were less pricey back then but still not cheap- but rugs always seem expensive to me (which is why we dint have many!).

    Looking forward to seeing how the island cones out, Lilly

  2. Glad you returned the cray bowl...Im just saying. Oh and the wood clad sounds nice but I love the texture of beadboard, paneling etc but I would go gray on the back. Statement and less toe marks.

  3. LOVE the herringbone pattern idea! I knew you would come up with something fabulous!

  4. I seriously love the bright pink countertop with the wood paneling!

  5. Anonymous9/19/2012

    We did the same thing with Flor tiles. Spend over an hour messing around, even finding the really cool sale ones, get the final price and froze. Ouch!

  6. I hate fantasizing about a project and then having to draw back because of the prize tag. The kitchen island with the washi tape looks really fun, even though it probably doesn't work that well with cleaning needs - might be something for a playroom or craft room!


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