Name-Your-Sale SALE - Modern, baby quilts on sale right now

Hello!  Thank you for stopping in to check out my sale.  This sale is a little different for two reasons.  The money will be used towards my book instead of purchasing more fabric and supplies to replenish my shop.  The second reason is you pick the discount you want to use.  It's a name-your-sale sale.  :)  I'm offering you a discount of 0% - 25% off any purchase, and you get to pick how much you want to take off.  0% would be the asking price.  This lets people decide how much they can donate.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the costs of creating a book quickly add up!  Before undertaking this huge project,  I made quilts to sell to offset the costs of my creative pursuits.  I like to make things just to make them.  Now that I have to be a big girl and do grown-up work, I have more supplies to buy and more child care to pay for to meet my deadlines.

By offering a sale, I can move product faster in hopes of having a little more immediate income to use.   I rarely offer discounts because I highly value my quilts and the hard work and time that goes into them.    I am sure you will value your new quilt just as much.  These quilts are made to last and will add an heirloom piece to your home.

Thank you for looking!

How it works:

This is a first come, first serve sale.  When you see what you want to buy, email me at owensolivia@hotmail.com with subject line SALE.  The reason for emailing instead of simply leaving a comment below is because I have had readers mention in the past they were not able to leave comments.  To avoid any mishaps, emailing is the next best thing I can think of.

To play fair, here are the rules.

  • Email me at owensolivia@hotmail.com with subject line SALE.  
    1. List the item(s) you want 
    2. List your discount amount.  It can be anything from 0% to 25% off.  
    3. Leave me the email address you want my Paypal invoice to go to.  
    4. If you are using layaway, let me know.
  • If there is more than one person interested in an item, the next person in line will receive the item if the first buyer does not pay in time. 
  • Buyer will have 24 hours to pay before item is given to the next person in line.  
  • Once an item has been paid for, I will update the item with SOLD, so you may want to check back here if you have not heard from me within a day.

Other things to note:
  • Smoke free, pet free 
  • 100% cotton quilts.  All washed and line dried.  All new.
  • Items shipped to the US is $17 (Priority Mail) and will require a signature.  I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged packages.  If you want faster, more secure shipping, we can work something out.  As of to date, all my packages have arrived safely to people's homes.  
  • Anyone outside of the US - we will work together on the shipping price.  My guess would be anywhere from $25-$50 depending on location.  
  • Any sales placed in North Carolina will be charged a sales tax of 6.75%.
  • Your package will be mailed out about a week after your purchase.    
  • Sale runs June 12 - 30.  All quilts that have not sold will be placed back in my shop at retail price. 
  • I also offer layaway.  You will be invoiced a month later from the time of the first payment.  A $15 fee will apply.   In the event you need to cancel your sale, a $25 non refundable restocking fee will apply.   The first 24 hour payment is still required.  


Black Cross on white background / white birds on the back

Retails $185

34" x 42 1/2"


Fish quilt / black stripe for the back

Retails $220


Red cross on white background / blue fabric for the back (4th of July anyone?)

Retails $350

53" x 54"


Petal Pod on white background / Navy blue fabric on the back

Retails $210

35" x 49"


Polka dots on dark gray background / orange stripe for the back

Retails $230

40" x 47.5"


Triangles on white background / floral on the back

Retails $200

36" X 46"


Gold Cross on white background / gray chevron on back

Retails $190

32" x 40 1/2"

xx nancy

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owen's olivia UNIQUE quilt shop sale and Bobbie Lou's Fabric's new website

owen's olivia unique quilt shop SALE!  Modern, baby quilts at a discount.

Hello!!  I wanted to quickly let you know that I will be having a unique shop sale HERE ON THE BLOG.  I highly value my quilts and the hard work that goes into them, so discounts are rare.  If there's a quilt of mine you have been eyeing, this week would be the time to grab it.   It will be a first come, first serve sale, and the sale applies to all in stock quilts.  I should have the 7 quilts up above listed.

This sale is kind of unique because of the purpose behind it.  I'm offering buyers the chance to name their discount.  It can be anywhere from 0% to 25% off the retail price.  Some of you may know I have been working really hard these past few months.  Well, actually since October, and the word hard is an understatement!  I am working on my first quilting book, which will release next fall of 2015.  I could not be any more excited, but there are many costs involved - from batting, to fabric, to thread, to even child care so I can attend to the quilts that will make this book happen.  This was definitely not what I had in mind about how to announce such an amazing blessing, but it is what is.  Time to embrace it.

Through your purchase, you will be supporting my new endeavor.  There will be many more new quilts to add to the shop after all the craziness winds down, but discounts are rare because of the work and time involved in quilt making.  By helping me, I help you have something totally fabulous, special, and well made.  Handmade.  In the USA.  (Quilts are machine pieced, but all the cutting, ironing, and prepping and piecing qualify as handmade to me :)

It makes me happy to see an owen's olivia quilt in a person's home, and I want to see more of my quilts in people's homes.  Hopefully, this unique sale will provide a way for that to happen as well as help offset the costs of being a creative author.  A win win if I must say.  A new quilt?  Love it.  Use it.

How it will work:

All this information will be repeated the day of the sale.  

You will need a Paypal account to pay me.  It's free to sign up.  Once the post goes live, if you see a quilt you want, EMAIL me at owensolivia at hotmail dot com with the discount of your choice.  First to claim with a Paypal address and pays within 24 hours will get the quilt.  I'm more than happy to have a wait list on quilts if payment falls through with the first buyer.

I also offer layaway.  Say whaaat??  Who does that??  Me!  If you need to break up the price into two payments, I can do that.  You will be invoiced a month later from the time of the first payment.  A $15 fee will apply.

Quilts will ship about a week after your purchase.  Shipping in the US will be $17, and anywhere outside of the US, the invoice will be adjusted accordingly when I find out where it is going to.  Quilts are made in a smoke free, pet free home.  They are made from high quality cottons and are washed and ready to go!

The sale will go live here on the blog June 12th at 12PM EST and will run until June 30th.  That's a long sale!!

I also wanted to let you know that my wonderful sponsor, Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory, has launched a new website that is worth checking out!

Here are some great features.

  • Free shipping on orders $50 or more
  • Search fabrics by color, style, manufacturer, designer, or new arrivals
  • Cool new swatches available!  You can create a virtual design board listing the fabrics you have picked.  You can see how your selections look together.  
If you are a fan of graphic prints like I am, you will love her shop.  She has a great selection of fabrics from manufacturers you love.  

Have a great week!!

xx nancy


Spring Cleaning || Save 25% off your purchase at Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory

25% off any purchase at Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory

Hello!  I hope you all are doing well.  I am staying busier than ever.  There is so much in store for the future owen's olivia, and I am truly excited and a wee bit nervous.   I'm also sorry that I'm not around to see what YOU are doing in your homes or sewing studios.  I feel a bit out of the loop at the moment.

But fabric cheers the soul, right?  Or at least that is what I tell my husband.  Right now is a great time to stock up on some prints.  Over the past year I've been collecting more yardage than fat quarters, so any bit of sale is helpful.  Plus, don't we all loathe collecting fabric for quilt backs??  Oh, no?  That's just me?  Ok.   If you are in need of modern quilting prints, head on over to Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory.  Chelsea is spring cleaning and offering 25% off any purchase with the coupon code SPRINGCLEAN.  This sale runs today through Tuesday, April 29th, 2014.  (Where has the time gone?!?!)   She needs to move some of her inventory, so she can prepare for her new website that will be launching soon.  She has to a lot to offer, so I am sure there is something for everyone.  

So click on over to get your savings!

xx nancy


Hi!! || + free printable

My husband told me I should poke in, even if it's just to say to hi.  He's such good husband.  I know some of you have seen my rug post that went live maybe a week or two ago.  I still have it in my draft folder ready to be published ... again.   You can probably even see it if you read this blog on Bloglovin'.   I loved that post.  It took me a year to gather my information for that post.  I feared that post was read totally wrong, and it began to make me feel guilty.  It made me feel that I was bashing, when in reality, I was not and simply stating the truth about a company I would purchase from again.   Blogging can be hard at times for that particular reason.  This space is a place for me to share.  Share my home, share my life, share my makes, share information I have gathered over time or through experience.  Would I seem fake if I didn't share true experiences with you?   I find myself in such a bind in this particular moment in my life, and I know that you have no clue as to what bind I am talking about.  I hope you don't mind that I'm just writing.  I rarely do that here.  I rarely babble on this blog.

The real reason I popped in is to let you know I am here.   I've got some really exciting news heading this way soon, so stay tuned.  That's why I am not here on the blog.  I wish I could be.  Bear with me.  I did make you a free printable though.  Enjoy that while the posting is infrequent.  I shall return!  Promise!

"She believed she could, so she did."

I'm believing and doing, and I cannot wait to share with you my good news.

Click here to download your free printable 8" x 8" copy.

xx nancy

P.S.!- Did you know I leave for the United Kingdom really soon?!?!  Probably not, but I am telling you now!  I have plans to visit Scotland, England, Ireland, and hopefully Sweden and Denmark.

P.S.S.! - I am waaaayyy more active on Instagram, so follow me there!  Plus you'll see loads of pictures from my trip on there too.  Not on IG but interested in my photos?  Let me know, and I might collage them here on the blog.

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sweet as honey

Hello!  Today is my stop on the Sweet as Honey Blog Tour hosted by Bonnie Christine of Going Home to Roost.  She is the creator of this line, and it is sweet indeed.  When she asked me if I wanted to participate, I immediately said yes.  Matt and I raised honeybees for awhile before the unexpected mild temps during one winter killed them.  We lost our hives.

My fabric did not start out as strips.  In fact, they were triangles for a quilt, but it just didn't seem right.  I knew I had to take a different path.  I've never worked with courthouse steps before, and I wanted to give it a try.  The Essex linen in Steel juxtaposes the bright colors.  I paired it with Art Gallery's Squared Elements in Seafoam to calm my selection of fabrics.

As you can see, this collection is fun and cheerful and centered around a woodland theme.

My favorite photo of all though is probably this last one.  It was a bit underexposed, which made the fabric radiate, in my opinion.  The photo was so moody and dark, and it was just the perfect opposition to the sweetness found in Sweet as Honey.

There are 25 bloggers participating, which means 25 projects you can see using Sweet as Honey.   Tomorrow's stop is with the miss Bonnie Christine herself, so you won't want to miss that!

Here's the roundup.

Monday March 3rd – Jennifer | Hopeful Homemaker
Tuesday March 4th – Jessica | Haile and Co
Wednesday March 5th – Meg | Milk and Rhubarb
Thursday March 6th – Meghan | Eat Live Make
Friday March 7th – Sarah | Crinkle Love
Monday March 10th – Amy | During Quiet Time
Tuesday March 11th – Corey | Little Miss Shabby
Wednesday March 12th – Amanda | Material Girl Quilts
Thursday March 13th – Sarah | No Hats in the House
Friday March 14th – Caroline | Sew Caroline
Monday March 17th – Ale | Golden Willow Quilts
Tuesday March 18th – Emily | Beautiful Hello Blog
Wednesday March 19th – Melissa | Lulu The Baker
Thursday March 20th – Nancy | Owen’s Oliva
Friday March 21st – Bonnie  | Going Home to Roost
Saturday March 22nd – Cindy | School House Patterns
Monday March 24th – Melissa | Missouri Mel
Tuesday March 25th – Shannon | Very Shannon
Wednesday March 26th – Heidi | Hands Occupied
Thursday March 27th – Barb | Knack Studios
Friday March 28th – Caitlin | Salty Oat
Saturday March 29th – Karen | Celebrate Life With Us
Monday March 31st – Kellie Kraft Nurse Quilt
Tuesday April 1st – Krista | Everyday Miija
Wednesday April 2nd – April San Pedro | I Am Artisan

Want to buy Sweet as Honey?

You can purchase from BobbieLou's Fabric Factory.

xx nancy

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