a peek into my workroom

As promised, here is a glance into the space I work in.  It's not decorated, but it's clean and functional.  (Finally.)  I share this space with Matt and our food storage, but it kind of looks like I am overtaking the place.  I think I am unintentionally pushing him out with my stuff.   Matt likes to do school work and occasional electrical engineering stuff in here too, and he has a ton of computer thing-a-ma-jigs that I "organized" for him.

Enjoy this little peek into my work space!

Matt built this book case when we moved into the home.  All the books are double packed, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.  We used to have all the shelves filled with only his books.  Now most are hiding under the bed or are tucked away in odd places.  He loves to read.  Going on 4 years, this book case is still not completed.  :)

Part of the uncompleted case, which holds my Necchi and irons.

My sewing spot.  I made the stained glass window.

My absolute favorite piece of furniture in this room.  Each shelf holds up to 600 lbs!  Matt was certain I was going to hate how it would look in our home, but I knew I had to have it, especially at the steeply discounted price Lowe's Home Improvement was offering.  I haven't complained about it once!  I just love it!  I have future plans for this piece but not until we move.  Yes, that is a city limit sign that I stole from the kids in our neighborhood who stole it from the town.  (I didn't initiate the first offense fyi, and I highly doubt Garner [Go Scotty!] wants a vandalized sign back.)

This photo is for my friend, Liza Jane, who is an incredible seamstress.  I think she would goo goo gaga all over these vintage Time Life sewing books that I picked up at a thrift shop.

My small fabric stash, which is organized into washed/not washed/solids/essexs/non cottons/mini scrap bag/medium scrap bag/large scrap bag/precuts/uglies/kid crafts/WIP.  ( The uglies and kid craft fabrics do not get to be displayed.  They're tossed into a cardboard box and kept in the closet.)

My parents.  Mom passed away in '96.


There you have it.   Now you have seen my 100 square foot space to work and play in.  It's SO nice to have a separate room to be creative in.  I really won't know what to do when #2 comes around.  Thanks for stopping in today!



  1. Love it, the build in bookshelves are great and it all so clean and bright. Thanks for sharing your space!

  2. Totally envious of your built-ins. I have books shoved in dresser drawers and a closet overfilled with crafty junk.

  3. Yay! I mean, I've seen your workspace, but I like seeing it again!

  4. Um, yes I am gaga over those Time Life books. I frequent a local used bookstore hoping to find treasures like these books. And exotic styling? I want to know what's in that book! (My initial thought is like clear heels and g-strings.... sorry, bad joke). Keep those books forever. That was really a find. Fun to see your creative space!

  5. Nancy! How can you call that a work room ? Its too neat!!!! I love it! LOVE the bookcase! Im a bit of a freak about wall to wall cases! The dresser is prime too! I have to laugh about the Lowe's shelves because my Dad must have got the same deal because he bought 6 for the back of his garage!. Bet they will hold some heavy old machines! (And take my name off that bowl!)

  6. Love your stash of fabrics!

  7. Good to know your office space is now organised. It may not be decorated but it really looks neat. Kudos and happy working!

  8. Thank you for sharing your space with us on The Studio Spotlight Tour. Everything is so neat and organized.

  9. Nancy, loved peeking into your space! I feel like I got to know you even better. Are y'all all settled in from your California summer? And from your comment, is #2 n the way and I missed it??!!

  10. I love how bright your room is and how organized your space is. Love it!!

  11. Great space! I'm also in a room of a similar size (but not sharing with DH!) and have gone for a functional approach, so I am mining your room for ideas.

  12. You have such a lovely, organized space! I would love to know how some of you do it! I agree with someone above it's too clean to work in!


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