Inspiring DIY projects from West Elm

Happy Labor Day!  West Elm just opened up at Southpoint Mall in Durham, NC, so I headed on over there last week to check it out.  West Elm is one of my favorite chain stores.  The prices seem to be a little more reasonable, but they can still be pricey.  Just not as pricey as some places like Pottery Barn or Crate Barrel.  I took some photos of items that inspired me, and I hope they will inspire you too!

Vertical garden

Scrap wood headboard featuring various widths and thickness.

I really love this pillow with its lines, linen fabric, and embroidery.

Pallet wood headboard?

This reminds me of the decorative paper you can buy at art stores.

This decorative ball reminds me of cinnamon sticks.   Maybe spray paint it white?

Cord wrapped wishbone chair.  I am sure this technique could be used on any chair that has a solid, sturdy base.

This material reminds me of grasscloth, which could look really cool wrapped around a large frame.

Painted stools but only below the seat.

I really like this different take on sewing cushions.

I always think of fishbowls when I see pendants like this.   You can purchase the chrome dipped light bulbs at West Elm.

Do you ever feel inspired when you go to stores like these?  Do you like to DIY?



  1. I could definately see making a headboard similar to that one- cool idea to wander through a store looking for DIY ideas!


  2. DIY? Of course! I would paint the stick ball green or periwinkle (my fav accent colors). Im going to do a post tonight about Hillsville. Nancy I took a pic just for you. Oh btw have you seen Basic Grays new fabric line Little Black Dress? Great texture.

  3. I love west elm too! I just blogged a table mat pattern inspired from the more square version of the rectangle linen pillow you pictured!! I agree, super cute!

  4. I just love West Elm! They closed the one here in Cincinnati a couple of years ago an I cried for days :( it was the only more modern furnishings store around here! I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it.


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