Fabric Friday {tonic living} + Fabric Swap?

Happy Friday guys!  First up, I have been wanting to host a fabric swap for some time now, but I wanted some feedback since the people in the swap group are very important!

This is what I have thought about what I would like to do, whether it's now or later.   Here are the options.

Option A

Charm Swap (5 inch squares)

  • 56 squares, 1 yard total
  • 112 squares, 2 yards total
  • Cloud9 and/or Birch, you pick fabrics
  • Spoonflower I Spy, you pick fabrics
Option B

Layer Cake Swap (10 inch squares)
  • 10 squares, 1 yard total
  • 20 squares, 2 yards total
    • Cloud9 and/or Birch, you pick fabrics
    • Spoonflower,  we could have an assortment of our choosing or stick to a theme or color range
I know these are more expensive fabrics ($11-$18/yd), but this will be a great way to get a variety of these organic prints without spending too much!  Also, these fabrics do go on sale from time to time.

Not familiar with Cloud9 or Birch?  Cedar House Fabrics has a nice selection with free shipping for US/Canada, so click on the link to check out the prints.

Please only vote once per poll.  (For Spoonflower, we'll do I Spy for Charms and Layer Cakes could be a theme, color range, or random)

Sorry.  I had 3 polls going, but they were not working properly, so I deleted them.  Fortunately, I caught this later today.  Please read the bottom of this post on how to let me know if you are interested in participating in this



  1. LOVE Tonic living!! They offer $1 swatches too that are 6" ~ 8" square. I ordered a bunch from here for Carson's room and they came really quickly.

  2. I've never done a layer cake swap so I would be up for that. I think the cloud9/birch mix would be cool, but I'm also down for spoonflower.

  3. Love the links. I'll participate in any swap you decide. I am a swap addict you know. Love the plaid vehicles! Not so much the fuzzy fabrics though I love the color palette.

    1. Oh and I am really LOVING the Birch fabrics. But anything sounds like fun.

  4. I like the 112 Spoonflower I-spy swap idea.

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  6. I'm hosting an I spy swap right now, if you'd like to join! http://heartathomemama.blogspot.com/2013/06/i-spy-charm-swap-1.html

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I'll check it out.


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