Mr. Granite

Oh, how I love thee.

I know I am not suppose to covet, maybe especially after the words spoken in General Conference this past weekend, but how can I not after experiencing the hot mess from before??

This week will be a bit slow for me in writing because I am working on my kitchen and doing other things that pertain to laziness.

Here's a sneak peak at my counter top.

It's the cheaper end of granite (who's gonna put high end in a 130k home?  NOT this girl), but I am super excited to have it!

Lowe's was going to charge us close to a grand for LAMINATE! (I still heart you though!)
So for a few hundred dollars more, we got granite.

Now, I am a bit slow with projects.  It really could be is part of my personality.  I start MULTIPLE projects at any given time, which slows me down considerably.  With this said, I can't wait to show you a Before and After, but it will be sometime down the road.  I still have tiling the backsplash, wall repairs, lighting, possible island transformation, and rugs to get in place. 

I LOVE Before and After shots, and I don't want to hurry just so I can post a picture.

You can refer to my hot mess link up top to see a sort of before shot.

Hubby was way too anxious to get those cabinets down, and he started in before I could get an official before shot.
(The brown spots showing on the cabinet frames are the attempts I made scraping off paint. I gave up quickly on that mess.)

Have a good week!  I'm off to prop up my feet and eat a few bon bons.

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  1. I'm obviously very late to this party, but we just bought a home in Raleigh and are looking into replacing the countertops. I was just wondering where you guys purchased yours and if you'd recommend them? :)


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