Sorry, no David Bromstad here today.  I love how David incorporates his art into the spaces he creates.  As you know, I am working on Owen's room.  I wanted a large art piece for one of his bare walls.  I can be artistic, so I decided to go Bromstad style and make a piece of my own.  
Now, I have been working on this piece for months. 
Not because it is suppose to take that long.
Not because the canvas is that big.
Not because I am meticulously applying paint.
Not because I have a toddler, a husband, a home, and pets to take care of.
Not because I am lazy.
It is solely due to the craziness of Mod Podge.I am sorry to say, but I am currently hating the stuff.
I have contacted the company numerous times to walk me through my process and help me to understand what I am doing wrong.I keep ending up back at square one.
I decided to do something different and take a break from Mod Podge before I pull my hair out,
so I whipped out my paints from storage.

This is what I started out with yesterday.

Here are my inspirations for Owen's painting.

And . . .


Random, I know, but I look forward to showing you my product.

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  1. Anonymous10/24/2011

    I am excited to see it. We got a new rug for our living room. I would have picked a different color combo if I hadn't asked Andrew to help decide, so my living room now sports my leather sofas since that is what goes with the rug. It works. I think I will be satisfied for a year or two, maybe...


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