Nope.  Not talking about cows today.  I'm talking about cards.  Cute, adorable, modern business cards. 

WHAT?!  You're thinking, "As if there were such a thing."
(If you don't have a business keep reading because people use business cards for all sorts of stuff not related to business.  Like mommy calling cards. :)  They also offer other things besides business cards like holiday cards, post cards, and labels/stickers.)

I stumbled upon the cutest business card shop that offers something you can't get (definitely in the design department) with other competitors, and they do allow you to upload your own images.   Though there is one big drawback that I will mention up front.  You are not able to use colored fonts, which may be highly important to you.  I let is slide for me since the designs were unbeatable for their stocked prints.  I am not a graphic artist, so it was nice to find business cards that I did not have to design and that appealed to me.  I must say too that every sales rep I handed a card to LOVED, loved, loved the cards (and I have to say I was among the artistically inclined).  Please don't ask me why I have business cards.  I just do. :) 

Okay, the business is called MOO, and everyone should look into this company (no personal opinion or anything ;).  If anything, just browse the site.  I ordered the mini MOOs, and they are half the size of a regular business card.  

One thing that I really like is that you can customize your design pack.  Let's say you order 50 cards.  You can choose 25 in one print and 25 in a different print.  You can mix and match prints, so you are not handing out the same design to everyone!

Here are a few designs that I love, but there are many more I would put in this post!

Business Cards

Post Cards

If you have not read my last post about the changes I have made, you should check it out.  I love feedback!


  1. I love Moo! I have full sized and half sized cards! There was a groupon!

  2. Oh, I wish my Groupon had offered it! Oh well. I didn't pay too much for my cards, and they are awesome!

  3. Anonymous10/29/2011

    Now I totally want cards. I want to see yours. What info do you have on yours?


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