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Last week we had our granite countertops installed.   I am very pleased with the result.   We have been using plywood for countertops for a few weeks, so I am glad there will be no more splinters in fingers or spills that cannot be cleaned up.  Even after watching countless episodes of Property Ladder, Flip this House, and other flip shows, I was still naive in thinking we could "flip" our kitchen in a week.
We now have our cabinets, countertops, and sink installed.  We have other projects that need to be done for the kitchen, so I collected some inspirational photos and wanted to share them with you.

One of the next things we need to do is tile our backsplash.
I really love the look of subway tiles.
I would love to apply grey grout to make the tiles pop, and it would tie in with our countertops.


Or we could go darker . . .


Or we could skip the grey and use white . . .


We could place them in different positions to create a pattern.

{MidWest Living}

{apartment therapy}

I like how herringbone is used only above the stove.

Straight set & Offset Joint Diagonal

And lastly, I had to share this since I was talking about tile backsplashes.
Tile that has little pots to hold herbs and whatever else your heart desires.  Too cute!
I also would love the fish scales without the pots.

Do you have a favorite design from this post or one that is not listed?


  1. I love the herringbone above the stove as well. I don't think you can go wrong with subway tile. It all looks excellent!

  2. I agree Jess. You can't go wrong with subway tile. It is so pretty.


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