Finally . . .

I have my Chevron Curtain tutorial up!  

I promised you would have it, and now I am delivering it.  

Cassity & Justin 
for featuring it on your website!  
You can see the full tutorial there, which you can also access through my {Tutorial} page. 

There's so much on my to-do list for Owen's room.

Wall art. (2 pieces)
Reupholster chair or buy a rocking one on Craigslist.
Refinish dresser.
New light fixture. (NO MORE BOOB LIGHTS!)
Toy box (maybe on this one.  I've been going back and forth about it.  I really like his large plastic tub)

I am glad to have the curtains out of the way.  Now it is nice and dark in his room, and he can sleep better when it is like that.

Thanks again Remodelaholic!


  1. I'm visiting from Remodelaholic. Just wanted to tell you these curtains are brilliant! Excellent job. Thank you for showing how you created your chevron pattern with a speed square! I've been wanting to paint a chevron pattern as part of a bigger art project and I wasn't sure how to attack it. This is just the info I needed. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Sarah. I'm a glad I am part of your missing link! :) Good luck on your project. What will you be doing, if you don't mind sharing?

  3. Love, love, love them ! They look so cute and you are so patient to do all that taping.

  4. Very, very cool. I saw the post on Apartment Therapy and said "Hey, I know that blog!!" What a lovely room for your little one!

  5. Thank you Jess! I had no idea until you mentioned it and then my jaw dropped. I feel so honored to be mentioned at Remodelaholic AND Apartment Therapy (one of my go to design sites).

  6. @ Tammy~
    Thanks! It's called OCD!!! lol :)

  7. I LOVE this!! I just re-created this as a shower curtain in PINK w/ bling!:)


    thanks for the idea & step-by-step How-to! :)


    1. Thanks so much for sharing Abby! Lookin' good!


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