Halloween Week Special {Decorating}

So you know how I mentioned to you yesterday that I was in a crying fit over today's post???
I decided I could try to whip up a small part of the post I lost. Luckily, I had a few pics on my laptop, but I do not remember the sources. Sorry! If there is a link, I had the source, and if your picture is on my blog without a link, let me know! I promise I want to give you credit. :)

I had to narrow it down because my original post was SO LONG! I mean, it had three glorious features in one. I was going to hook you guys up good. I am leaving today's post to decorating because most of us like to decorate (and those are the pics I have on my computer)!

Martha Stewart
Halloween Printables
Table setting
Pottery Barn

Old Charm

House O Lantern

Country Living
Tissue Poms
Martha Stewart

Halloween Printables
Halloween Lights
Dessert Table

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  1. adorable...I want to go and do something crafty now. ;-)


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