Fabric Friday {Birch}

Birch is a cute little shop that offers 100% organic cotton fabrics.
Here are a few prints to tease your eyes.

{Circa Go Beach Mod by monaluna}

{Marine by Dan Stiles Collection}

{Avalon by Jay-Cyn}


{Circa 52  available Nov 2011}

{Commute available Jan 2012}

{mod basics available Jan 2012}

Are these not some of the cutest fabrics???  Seriously.  I need to get a hold of some of these to make baby stuff.  LOTS of baby stuff!!
I think my favorites are mod basics, Circa 52, Marine, Storyboek.  Heck, they are all my favorite!

You can also check out their blog at http://www.birchfabrics.blogspot.com/.


  1. Thank you so much for the great post! We really appreciate your support of our organic fabrics!

  2. These are SO DANG CUTE! I love the designs on all of them. Thanks for featuring them--I never would have found them myself!

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