Spring Cleaning || Save 25% off your purchase at Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory

25% off any purchase at Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory

Hello!  I hope you all are doing well.  I am staying busier than ever.  There is so much in store for the future owen's olivia, and I am truly excited and a wee bit nervous.   I'm also sorry that I'm not around to see what YOU are doing in your homes or sewing studios.  I feel a bit out of the loop at the moment.

But fabric cheers the soul, right?  Or at least that is what I tell my husband.  Right now is a great time to stock up on some prints.  Over the past year I've been collecting more yardage than fat quarters, so any bit of sale is helpful.  Plus, don't we all loathe collecting fabric for quilt backs??  Oh, no?  That's just me?  Ok.   If you are in need of modern quilting prints, head on over to Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory.  Chelsea is spring cleaning and offering 25% off any purchase with the coupon code SPRINGCLEAN.  This sale runs today through Tuesday, April 29th, 2014.  (Where has the time gone?!?!)   She needs to move some of her inventory, so she can prepare for her new website that will be launching soon.  She has to a lot to offer, so I am sure there is something for everyone.  

So click on over to get your savings!

xx nancy


Hi!! || + free printable

My husband told me I should poke in, even if it's just to say to hi.  He's such good husband.  I know some of you have seen my rug post that went live maybe a week or two ago.  I still have it in my draft folder ready to be published ... again.   You can probably even see it if you read this blog on Bloglovin'.   I loved that post.  It took me a year to gather my information for that post.  I feared that post was read totally wrong, and it began to make me feel guilty.  It made me feel that I was bashing, when in reality, I was not and simply stating the truth about a company I would purchase from again.   Blogging can be hard at times for that particular reason.  This space is a place for me to share.  Share my home, share my life, share my makes, share information I have gathered over time or through experience.  Would I seem fake if I didn't share true experiences with you?   I find myself in such a bind in this particular moment in my life, and I know that you have no clue as to what bind I am talking about.  I hope you don't mind that I'm just writing.  I rarely do that here.  I rarely babble on this blog.

The real reason I popped in is to let you know I am here.   I've got some really exciting news heading this way soon, so stay tuned.  That's why I am not here on the blog.  I wish I could be.  Bear with me.  I did make you a free printable though.  Enjoy that while the posting is infrequent.  I shall return!  Promise!

"She believed she could, so she did."

I'm believing and doing, and I cannot wait to share with you my good news.

Click here to download your free printable 8" x 8" copy.

xx nancy

P.S.!- Did you know I leave for the United Kingdom really soon?!?!  Probably not, but I am telling you now!  I have plans to visit Scotland, England, Ireland, and hopefully Sweden and Denmark.

P.S.S.! - I am waaaayyy more active on Instagram, so follow me there!  Plus you'll see loads of pictures from my trip on there too.  Not on IG but interested in my photos?  Let me know, and I might collage them here on the blog.

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