A few Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving!  For those of you living outside of the States, now may be a good time to take advantage of a good deal!  If you buy too much fabric this weekend, it ain't my fault.  (I'm already trying to figure out how to hide the fabric that's heading my way.) And let's pray no one dies in a Wal-Mart this year.  Enjoy your holiday and the sales and be safe!

  • Friday, Nov. 29th  Maze and Vale will further mark down Misprints and will carry some Sample Packs, which sell out very quickly.

  • Stash Modern Fabrics has 20% off all bundles, including you pick your own fabrics bundles.  No coupon code necessary.  Free shipping on orders over $50 with code SHIPFREE50.

  • Tactile Fabrics has 20% off bundles, yardage, and pre-cuts.  Save an extra 15% with coupon code CYBER2013, which is good Friday, Nov 29th - Monday, Dec. 3rd.    

  • Poppyseed Fabrics is offering 20% off everything in the shop thru Monday, Nov. 29th at midnight. Minimum purchase is $15.  Use coupon code HOLIDAY20

Also, there are a few spots left in the Anna Maria Horner Dowry Charm Swap, if you are interested.

xx nancy



Last week, I announced the idea of an Anna Maria Horner  Dowry Charm Swap, so let's do this!!

Here are the details.  Please READ carefully, as you agree to the rules when signing up.

I hope you will join us!

What are we swapping?

One yard of (56) 5" x 5" charm squares, which will include all 24 prints of AMH's Dowry plus four additional AMH True Colors Collection prints.  You are ONLY responsible for Dowry.  To make things easy, I have assigned True Colors to two ladies who have already agreed to ordering, so please do not buy True Colors for this swap.

via Marmalade Fabrics
Charm swaps are a great way to get an entire collection without spending a fortune.

via Marmalade Fabrics

via Marmalade Fabrics


  • There are 24 spots available.  Each person can take a maximum of two spots.  The swap will not start until all 24 spots are taken, so please help spread the word!
  • Due to time and shipping, this will be a US only swap
  • If all the spots are filled, there is an alternate list in case someone needs to back out after signing up. (Alternate list is found via sign up sheet below)
  • Each person will buy one yard, or two yards in the event you take two spots.  You may want to purchase an additional 1/4 yard to allow for any mistakes.  If you take two spots, you will buy two different prints.
  • No duplicates will be allowed, so please pay careful attention to what has already been purchased when selecting the print you want to buy.
  • All fabric must be new, unwashed, and handled in a smoke free home.  For those who may have pet hair or dander allergies, please do not allow pets to lay on the fabric.  
  • Precision cutting is important, so I recommend ordering an extra 1/4 yard if you happen to make a cutting mistake.  Please click here for a great tutorial on how to cut 5" x 5" squares.
  • Once your fabric has been selected, immediately upload the image to the AMH Dowry Charm Swap Flickr group.  
  • Once all the spots are filled, you will have up to two weeks to purchase and upload your print to Flickr before an alternate person will take your spot.  This will only insure that all those who are participating will receive their charm packs in a timely manner.
  • If you forget to send a prepaid envelope with your charms, it's not the end of the world, but it does make things a little more difficult and pricey on your part.  Please note that I will not ship the charms back to you until I receive payment.  
  • If you run into any problems, please contact me!  I want to make sure you get Dowry!

How to enter:

SIGN UP HERE.  You may also include the name of the print you wish to purchase, but it is imperative that you upload an image to the AMH Dowry Charm Swap Flickr group.  Please list the name of the print.  For example, "Postage Due in Toast."  No duplicates are allowed, so it's first come, first serve.  (But we will all end up with the same prints in the end :)

Commenting below will not guarantee a spot, but if you are having issues signing up using the Sign Up Sheet,  please let me know ASAP.  I will most definitely be checking my emails periodically to make sure things are running smoothly for you all.

What do I do?:

In no way does the information below mean to sound condescending in any way, but I remember with my first swap thinking, "What do I do????"  So I hope this helps for any swap virgins.  :)

  • After receiving your fabric, you will press your fabric, and cut it into 5" x 5" squares.  You will get 56 squares out of one yard.  
  • Place your squares in a small Ziploc bag (or any other sealable bag will do).  Please do not fold your charms in half.
  • Write the following on a card: your name, email address, Flickr user name, and mailing address.  Place the card inside the bag.
  • Place the bag into an envelope, but DO NOT seal it.  
  • Take it to the post office with an extra envelope that is self addressed. (Please write down my address too, so I don't have to that 26 times.  :)
  • Have the post worker weigh the envelope and the charms.  Have them print out a prepaid mailing sticker, and place it on the empty self addressed envelope.
  • Place that self addressed envelope inside the envelope that will be mailed to me.  
  • Once all the charms have arrived, I will divvy them up, and mail them back to you using your self addressed envelope.

When should I get my charms back?:

  • Once all the spots have been filled, it should take no longer than 4-6 weeks to receive your charm pack.

Are there any Dowry sales going on right now?:

Stash Modern Fabric currently has 20% off any bundles, including the pick your own fabric bundles, so you can buy Dowry for 20% off!  Beth also offers free shipping on orders greater than $50 with the code SHIPFREE50.

Marie - Madeline is currently offering 20% off Dowry.

I do not know when these sales will end.

Helpful Links:

Sign Up Sheet  **there was a minor error this morning, but it is fixed.  to add your name, please click a box below Name.   if you cannot edit the list, please try opening in a different browser.  


My email:  owensolivia at hotmail dot com

xx nancy


AMH Dowry Charm Swap

Photo credit AMH

Okay, this is a totally spur of the moment post, but while I was browsing fabrics, I wished I could get my hands on Anna Maria Horner's Dowry collection without spending an arm and a leg.

How about a charm swap using all of the prints in Dowry??  I know, right?!!!

General things you will need to know that will help you to decide if this swap is for you:

+26 spaces available (I'll account for the other two making 28 total)

+ each person buys 1.25 yds  (.25 yard allows for any cutting mistakes)

+ charms are 5" x 5" squares and precision cutting is important

+each participant will receive 2 charms of each print in return for a total of 56 charms

+ each person is responsible for cutting, mailing, and paying for postage to mail the package back to you

+ fabric must be new and handled in a smoke free home

+ open to US residents

+ charm swaps typically run 4-6 weeks long to allow buying, cutting, and mailing time

+ sign ups will start this Monday, November 25th.

**There are 24 prints in the Dowry collection, but I would like to take a vote after the group is filled as to whether or not people would prefer additional larger scale Dowry prints or a few prints from other collections like Hand Drawn Garden.  We'll need 4 additional prints, but we can work this out later.

Okay, so what I want to know is who is in?!  Are there 26 people out there who would be interested??  In the meantime, I will work on another post with a sign up sheet, and all the other information that you will need.


Welcome Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory + Discount Code

I am happy to welcome Bobbie Lou's Factory as owen's olivia newest sponsor!

Who is Bobbie Lou?

Chelsea Graham is the owner of this adorable Etsy shop, and in her own words she explains,

"Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory is inspired by and named after my Grandmother, Bobbie Lou.  She was an amazing seamstress and spent most of her free time sewing clothes, dolls, and other beautiful items for her daughters and grandchildren.  She handmade every single one of my "fancy" holiday dressed growing up as well as countless other treasured items that I hope to one day pass on to my own children."

What I noticed right away with Chelsea's shop is the bright colors and selection. Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory offers a large selection of modern prints from your favorite designers like Michael Miller, Windham Fabrics, Amy Butler, Art Gallery Fabrics, Tula Pink, Alexander Henry, and many more!  She even has a sale section that is worth looking into.

Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory offers custom bundles and is willing to cut as small as fat quarters or quarter yards.

Premier Prints Home Decor
Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory offers quilting cottons AND Premier Prints home decor fabric.

Chelsea is offering a discount until December 6th, 2013.  Enjoy 15% off any order with the coupon code HELLO.

I hope you will click over and say hello.  I'm sure you will find something you will love!

Bobbie Lou's SHOP  **  Instagram @bobbieloufabric

xx nancy


3 down, 6 to go

swoon blocks one, two, and three hanging up on my design wall.  this will be going to someone special that i know but can't say her name yet just in case she's reading this.  i hope she likes it!  i mentioned before in this post how i prefer directional prints to go in the same direction in swoon blocks, but this time i let that slide and am enjoying the wildness of it.   i'm getting all crazy on you guys.  watch out.

i also finished up my quilt top featuring every print in every colorway of Minimalista by Art Gallery Fabrics.  this photo just makes me laugh, and i shared it last night on instagram [follow along here if you like.  i am private, but just select request]  for some reason, this photo reminds me of the shirtless men and spicy burrito quilt calendars.  [but i am fully dressed for anyone concerned. ha!]

hope you had a fabulous weekend and enjoy the start of a new week with new possibilities and beginnings!

xx nancy


currently || home + sewing

i thought i would poke in, and let you know what's currently going on in my life.

 . . . . on the home front

+ happy mail day!  it's amazing how this box will turn into something awesome like that photo on the right.  but it's true my friends, and i am stoked.

+ i finally got owen a bed!  i'm still thinking about paint colors.

and yes, it tested positive for lead.  boo!  i took it by a sandblaster who quoted me a minimum of $300 to take it off.  another boo.  fortunately, there is the internet and good quality air control masks you canwear, so i might be tackling this job myself away from the home of course.  if you have pointers, i would love to hear your thoughts. [you can purchase Lead Check at Lowe's Home Improvement]

+ matt and i celebrated our 6 year anniversary last weekend, and owen crashed the party.

+ a project that from here on out that will be referred to as: Project "TIMESUCKBUTTRULYGRATEFULFORTHISTIMESUCK."

so, that's not really me, but i swear i feel like i am swimming in a sea of papers right now.

+ there are also some other time sucks going on around here at the house.

via reel foto via Jill Greenberg
okay, that's not my son either, but this captures the true essence of motherhood and what I experience on a daily basis.

via buckets and bows

okay, this is not my real laundry, but that's a real time suck.

via my real life
okay, this is a real photo of my sink.

+ Young House Love did it again by sharing the love.  thank you for the wonderful feature! [you can see the room reveal here.]  [source list here.]

 . . . . . in the sewing room

+ i shared this fabric pull on instagram [you can follow me here + i am private but just request to follow and i'll accept.].  i turned it into pluses, which will never get old for me.

+ a modern cat block i made.  actually, i made about 25 of these.  i don't even own cats, but i know many quilters do.  i'm thinking about sharing the tutorial for this super easy block, if there's any interest.

+ art gallery fabrics sent over minimalista and a few pure elements for me to play with.  [thank you AGF] i'll be working on this for the next few weeks.

+ and if you are interested in joining a modern bee, my good friend Danny, from Mommy For Reals, has some openings for her Stash Bee.  so check it out!  she's awesome, and you will love her.  you can get all the information here.

so what has been sucking up your time lately?  are you preparing for the holidays?

have a great weekend!

xx nancy

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