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Okay, this is a totally spur of the moment post, but while I was browsing fabrics, I wished I could get my hands on Anna Maria Horner's Dowry collection without spending an arm and a leg.

How about a charm swap using all of the prints in Dowry??  I know, right?!!!

General things you will need to know that will help you to decide if this swap is for you:

+26 spaces available (I'll account for the other two making 28 total)

+ each person buys 1.25 yds  (.25 yard allows for any cutting mistakes)

+ charms are 5" x 5" squares and precision cutting is important

+each participant will receive 2 charms of each print in return for a total of 56 charms

+ each person is responsible for cutting, mailing, and paying for postage to mail the package back to you

+ fabric must be new and handled in a smoke free home

+ open to US residents

+ charm swaps typically run 4-6 weeks long to allow buying, cutting, and mailing time

+ sign ups will start this Monday, November 25th.

**There are 24 prints in the Dowry collection, but I would like to take a vote after the group is filled as to whether or not people would prefer additional larger scale Dowry prints or a few prints from other collections like Hand Drawn Garden.  We'll need 4 additional prints, but we can work this out later.

Okay, so what I want to know is who is in?!  Are there 26 people out there who would be interested??  In the meantime, I will work on another post with a sign up sheet, and all the other information that you will need.


  1. I would totally do this!! I'm just trying to figure out if buying 1.25 yards plus all that shipping to 27 other people will cost the same as just buying the charms myself... but keep me in the loop, please!

    1. You know that's a good thought! It got me thinking as to why people even have charm swaps, so I googled some Dowry charm packs. They are around $10 plus tax/shipping and you get 30-32 squares, depending on who you buy from. In this swap, you will get 56 charms. You'll get two charms from each print plus we'll have four other prints (either from Dowry or a different collection).

      If you are a confident cutter, you'll only need to purchase one yard.

      Hope that helps. Sign ups will be on Monday. Love to have you join us, but that's okay if you cannot.

    2. And you will only ship to me and back to yourself. Just caught that in your comment. :)

    3. Well then I'm totally in! Does that mean you'll incur lots of shipping costs? I guess not because we just send a SASE with our fabric, you divvy it up and send it back, right? Sounds like a lot of work for you and a pretty sweet deal for all of us! Thanks for clarifying. :)

  2. i'd love to do this. did you see Marie-Madeline studio has Dowry @20% off right now?

  3. This sounds like fun! Keep me posted.

  4. I'm interested! Sounds like fun!

  5. I want in but the sign up sheet does not seem to work for me. Can you sign me up please.


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