My Marsala Quilt || Pantone Quilt 2015 Challenge

Hello marsala!  If I had to be completely honest, I didn't like you at first.  You were a bit of an ugly color, in my opinion.  I'm still not sure why you were even named color of the year by Pantone either.  BUT.  But I started to work with you, and I began to like you.  You turned out to be pretty awesome.

I turned to RIT to get my marsala color.  I chose to hand dye an ombre effect, which turned out so wonderful! This was my first attempt at hand dyeing.  Must do that again and soon.  :)

I was up for a challenge, and the color in of itself was a challenge alone.  I missed out on the other Pantone Quilt challenges hosted by Play-Crafts and On the Windy Side, so I jumped at the chance for this one.  I had been experimenting with paints awhile back, and I knew that this unique to me design would lend itself well for a quilt.

I chose to go smaller, so the investment was not as great.  Who knew if I would end up liking the quilt once it was done?  It measures 37" x 48".

I tend to keep my quilting simple.  Echo quilting seemed like the only logical choice for this top.  :)
I hand quilted inside the triangles.

I used my scraps to make the quilt back.

It's OK to not understand what is happening here with my hair.

Ombre triangles

Marsala, I love you.

xx nancy

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Etno Quilt Top || Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics

Hello all, and Happy Spring!  I was asked by Pat Bravo to participate in her Etno Blog Tour.  This tour shares with you her newest collection, Etno.

Inspired by ethnic patterns, Etno features a colorful selection of fun prints in yellows, pinks, blues, blacks, whites, and tans.   I combined most of the prints using flying geese and half square triangles to create my Etno quilt top.   Are not the fabrics lovely?

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Please stop by Marija's Fabric Creations and check out tomorrow's feature at Sewin 4 Him to see what these quilters are up to.

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Have a great week!

xx nancy

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My quilting book released Sept. 24, 2015 and is on Amazon.  Check it out!

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