Puffy Goose Completion || The Project that turned to Sewing Machine Cover that turned to Hanging Wall Art ||Sewing Post

I titled this post "Puffy Goose" because my friend who doesn't sew said, "I don't know what a puffy goose is, but I love it!"

My puffy flying geese are completed, and I am in love.  Are you too?

My first intentions were to make a mini project that I will just have to do again in the future.  This time with the only intention of sewing that mini project!!  And then I began to love my fabric pull so much that I opted to make a larger project - a sewing machine cover.  And then I loved my geese so much that I decided they needed to be displayed.  Hmm, have you ever experienced anything like this before?

My first time sewing real flying geese.  My first mini quilt/wall hanging.  All unintentional of course.

The fabrics used in this piece are:
Stamped by Ellen Luckett Baker
Skinny laMinx
Essex Linen in Bleach White
Jessica Jones Wildflower

xx nancy

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25+ sharpie projects || roundup


1. Faux Malachite Knobs from Teal and Lime ||  2. Eggs from Dream Catcher
3. Wallpaper from Sharpie Blog ||  4. Mugs from A Beautiful Mess
5. Catchalls by Stephanie Lynn ||  6 .Lampshade from A Little Glass Box
7. TOMS from LDC Designs  ||  8. Chair Seat from Emily via Little Green Notebook
9. Rocks from Sweet Paul Magazine

1. Pumpkins from Paper and Stitch ||  2. Dress via Honey Kennedy
3. Ornament from Jazzy Chalks ||  4.  Garden Markers from Shine Your Light
5. Onesies from Delia Creates ||  6. Wall Frames from Better Homes and Gardens
7. iPhone Cover from Expect the Unexpected with Denise
8. Anthro Inspired Mugs from Home Heart Craft || 9.  Flooring from  Heike Weber

1. Santa Art from Bower Power ||  2. Lamp from Vintage Revivals
3. Pillow from dear Lillie  ||  4.  Clutch from P.S. I made this
5. Keychain from How About Orange ||  6.  Coasters from Sharpie Blog
7. Nails from the Beauty Department || 8.  Campaign Shelves from Our Fifth House

Here are two projects I did using Sharpie markers.

Sharpie Wall 

Are you going to jump on the Sharpie bandwagon?



My Buffet's Life Story

If my buffet area could talk, it would tell you that has lived through many different phases and styles.  It has also experienced claustrophobia and loneliness on many occasions.   If you are on Facebook, I shared with you this photo awhile back stating I was warming up the little spot.

And then there was the whole debate about my ampersand, and we went back and forth about it.  BUT I replaced the ampersand (still have it though) with a Kokka ladybug.  Kokka as in fabric manufacturer not as in type of species.  :)

So let's see how this space has evolved over the years.   You like before and afters, right?!

This is the photo I took when we were looking at our house to buy.  It had just been flipped, so everything looks really nice.  Pretty, huh?

This is what it looked like the first year we lived there.  (Furniture is placed so because I was using them as markers for a possible kitchen expansion. What?  You don't do that too?)

This photo was taken right after Owen was born 3 years ago.  (We've been in the house for five.)  I HAD to whiteout the person in the photo because that person would have KILLED me for sharing this, but it was the only photo I could find with this buffet.

Can you see that large square picture frame and tiny two door buffet behind that white mess?
Wrong scale of art?  Check.
Really small furniture?  Check.

So I switched those out with wider art from World Market and placed a longer dresser below it.  Recognize that dresser?

I eventually switched out the white dresser with this dark one I found at a flea market (<-- I still like that post).  I put my pear light on top.

And then I painted the walls gray.

Overtime, I decided all of that was looking a little too dark.  I moved the artwork into my craft room and moved the pear into hall bath.  I created some new artwork, and this is where I am at now.  (I finally replaced my card table with a tripod leg kitchen table.  You can read more about that here.)

The basket holds my vegetables and fruits.  I would like to quilt a runner for the buffet.

ART (left to right)

Skinny laMinx
Sharpie Art, made by me
Picnic table paper from Target that I moved from my kitchen to this area
Kokka ladybug from Stamped

So far I am enjoying it.  I do like change, so it won't be a surprise to me if I mix it up again in the future.

Isn't interesting to see how tastes change and your style evolves over time?  This post was a little bit of an eye opener for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I will be spending my weekend at High Point Market.  I've got my friend, Sarah, tagging along with me this time, so I'm super excited to have someone join me!



WIP Wednesday || Sewing Post

It's been many days since I last sewed.   I did manage to buy a little fabric and begin a mini sewing project to fulfill my need for quick gratification.

First, I'll show you what I purchased.

From Westwood Acres, I got Full Moon Lagoon.  I typically do not gravitate towards purples and pinks when I sew, but for some reason, I really liked this bundle.  And I was not disappointed when it arrived either.  It's a very cheerful bundle.  I plan to use all of these fabrics for a future quilt.  I've been wanting to try a starbust block, and this fabric might be a good one to try with.  What do you think?

I also bought Glimma when I got Full Moon Lagoon.  I'm not a 100% sold on this line . . . yet.  I purchased a fat eighth to see the fabrics.  The colors are very muted, and right away I am not fond of the mauve or tan colors.  I guess I will need to wait and mix this line with other prints in my stash.  Or maybe someone out there is willing to trade a little Echo for my Glimma?

Anywho, here they are.

And lastly, I bought a dark scrap pack of Skinny laMinx.  This fabric is just so beautiful.  I am using this fabric for my mini project.  I shared progress photos on my Facebook page, so if you like to stay up to date, follow along.

Image:Skinny laMinx

I'm still waiting for charm packs to come out for Indian Summer, a collection I have been waiting 17 weeks for.  That's a long time.

Getting my geese on.

The fabrics here are a mixture of Skinny laMinx and Stamped by Ellen Luckett Baker.
This is my second attempt at making flying geese.  I am using a no waste technique.   One thing I did not like about this technique was I couldn't figure out how to use it for directional prints.  But it still looks great, and I love my geese.  The cotton/linen blends and the canvas fabrics sew really well, and I am impressed with how well they iron with very little starch.  Nice, flat blocks.  :)

 My first time making flying geese I used a completely different technique that wasted a lot of fabric.  I used it for my son's quilt, which also happens to be the first quilt I made.  Why couldn't I have chosen a more simple pattern like charms?

I'm excited to get this finished!  Thanks for stopping in today!

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Because It's There || A little DIY art tutorial

$1.29 frame found at the thrift store + 2 Sharpie markers.

Nice art that's left open to interpretation.

"Because it's there." - George Mallory

Inspired by this Society6 print.

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