25+ sharpie projects || roundup


1. Faux Malachite Knobs from Teal and Lime ||  2. Eggs from Dream Catcher
3. Wallpaper from Sharpie Blog ||  4. Mugs from A Beautiful Mess
5. Catchalls by Stephanie Lynn ||  6 .Lampshade from A Little Glass Box
7. TOMS from LDC Designs  ||  8. Chair Seat from Emily via Little Green Notebook
9. Rocks from Sweet Paul Magazine

1. Pumpkins from Paper and Stitch ||  2. Dress via Honey Kennedy
3. Ornament from Jazzy Chalks ||  4.  Garden Markers from Shine Your Light
5. Onesies from Delia Creates ||  6. Wall Frames from Better Homes and Gardens
7. iPhone Cover from Expect the Unexpected with Denise
8. Anthro Inspired Mugs from Home Heart Craft || 9.  Flooring from  Heike Weber

1. Santa Art from Bower Power ||  2. Lamp from Vintage Revivals
3. Pillow from dear Lillie  ||  4.  Clutch from P.S. I made this
5. Keychain from How About Orange ||  6.  Coasters from Sharpie Blog
7. Nails from the Beauty Department || 8.  Campaign Shelves from Our Fifth House

Here are two projects I did using Sharpie markers.

Sharpie Wall 

Are you going to jump on the Sharpie bandwagon?



  1. love that wallpaper! Did you draw that free hand? You rock!

  2. I'm kind of obsessed with sharpie projects, but I haven't done one yet! I do have one in mind, though, and I even bought the sharpies yesterday. Pinning this to fuel my obsession ;)

  3. They are all so beautiful and inspiring! I have 5 newly purchased Sharpies, just waiting to be used up! My idea is to use them on a bare wall in lieu of wallpaper, similar to the wall you made. I have been searching for the right pattern to use, simple enough, graphic, linear. I just can't decide. Arrows perhaps? Diamonds?

    Here's a link to another Sharpie project that you can add to your collection... it's from Vintage Revivals... http://www.vintagerevivals.com/2013/01/diy-sharpie-wallpaper-tutorial-this-is.html


    1. Thanks Natalie! Arrows would be awesome. Thanks for including that link for others to see. Her wall is gorgeous, but then again, does Mandi ever disappoint???

  4. Love all the ones you have gathered here. My claim to sharpie-ing? I mounted a wall lamp with a black wire and then I Sharpied the white cord clamps black so they did not stand out. I think that is all I have done so far :)

  5. Great round-up! Love the lampshade, rocks, chair & shelves. And both your projects of coarse!

  6. Got my juices going! I've created Sharpie art on tennies for my granddaughter, daughter-in-law, BFF, and for myself.


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