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I love it when I get the chance to attend High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina.  It happens twice a year, and it is one of the largest markets in the country.  High Point Market attracts anyone dabbling in home furnishings, home decor, or interior design, big or small.   People come from all over the world, and it is really exciting!  It is very similar to International Quilt Market for the sewing community where people come to see the newest trends and stock up for their shops.  I hope to attend Quilt Market one day too.  Well, I wanted to share with you some of the things I saw over the last weekend.  I never get to see all of it.  There just is not enough time since I am only there for two days.

Kim Salmela

Mixed textiles on furniture were trending.

Design Legacy

Hair on hide still trending.

Four Hands

Agate stone was trending.

I enjoyed this art installation.  Four Hands usually displays unique art throughout their showroom.  Flora deer head in the center.

Business with no name.  I'll have to do a little digging to find out the name of this company.  They featured funky lights and home decor.


Lotta Jansdotter's rugs

I had the pleasure of chatting with Candice Olson.  And yes she is tall, but in her defense, she was wearing high heels.  Can you believe the person who took this photo had the same phone as me but couln't seem to operate it?  #myluck

Candice Olson discussing her five design styles.   She is seriously so sweet and funny.

And then I accidentally ran into Lauren Liess!  If you have been around for awhile, you may remember this post I wrote up about her.  She is SO nice, and I am still embarrassed I recognized her from behind.   I also noticed that the last photo in the post is actually her and her husband, whom I also met at market!


The lights were killing me.  Killing me!!  I love plus anything!!

A nearby antique store that I will try to get the name of as well.

Golden Oldies

This is one of my favorite stops at market.  It's usually picked through by the first day of market, but there is just so much stuff to dig through I love it.  Notice the huge octopus hanging from the ceiling?


Julian Chichester

I accidentally stumbled upon this place.  I am not a fan of purple, which is Julian Chichester's signature color, but this place had me hooked instantly.

I was in love with the lights on the wall.  They swiveled.

This one not only swiveled left to right, but it also could be adjusted to go up or down.

Worlds Away

Odds and ends

Would love to give credit, so if you know the artist, please let me know.

Gold peacock feathers

I hope you liked what you saw!  Until next spring . . .

xx nancy

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xx nancy


hey, look what i found + possibly a new metal bed

several days ago i ventured out to a few thrift stores in hopes of finding a bed for owen's room, and i came across this.  not everyone go green with envy at all once, okay?

this has to be the worst couch in america that it deserves a post.  i don't think my retinas have ever been blinded by upholstery until this weekend, and the glare from the pillows stopped me dead in my tracks.  i have never laughed so hard out loud in a thrift store before . . . until i saw a dirty little toddler climb up with shoes on and all.  then i thought, this is the BEST couch in america!

but what is probably the best part about this is the price tag.  $400.  i have repeatedly told people that my local salvation army is no joke, and most of the time is a waste of time due to the pricing.  the manager has to follow a general "guideline," but he gets to make the final decision.  and let me just say he.doesn't.budge.one.bit.  not that i am talking from experience or anything.

and what is probably the worst part about this is someone out there is going to buy that.

whoever donated the couch probably donated this bedroom set too because they were right next to each other and just screamed "same owner."  i forgot to check the price on these gems, but i'd probably guess a grand considering they probably looked like gold to the manager.

yes, i thought i was looking at support poles for the building's structure too, but actually, we are looking the bed posts.  :/

well, i didn't find a bed for owen at any of the thrift stores, but i did find one on Craiglist for $50 ($30 sale price +$20 I offered to pay to deliver to my home.)   i really liked the look of Schoolhouse Electric's Hamilton bed for owen's room, but at $1,250 for a twin size bed that was a little too steep for me.

$30 versus $1,250
Schoolhouse Electric
the rust needs to come off of course, which i have a nice tutorial for that, and it needs to be painted.  knowing me, i'll probably paint it white, black, or gray, but i think it might be fun to go with a little color.  it's just paint, and paint doesn't scare me.
Elle Decor

Emily Clark

Everyday Lovely

Apartment Therapy

Scout House

what color would you love to paint a bed??

xx nancy

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