hey, look what i found + possibly a new metal bed

several days ago i ventured out to a few thrift stores in hopes of finding a bed for owen's room, and i came across this.  not everyone go green with envy at all once, okay?

this has to be the worst couch in america that it deserves a post.  i don't think my retinas have ever been blinded by upholstery until this weekend, and the glare from the pillows stopped me dead in my tracks.  i have never laughed so hard out loud in a thrift store before . . . until i saw a dirty little toddler climb up with shoes on and all.  then i thought, this is the BEST couch in america!

but what is probably the best part about this is the price tag.  $400.  i have repeatedly told people that my local salvation army is no joke, and most of the time is a waste of time due to the pricing.  the manager has to follow a general "guideline," but he gets to make the final decision.  and let me just say he.doesn't.budge.one.bit.  not that i am talking from experience or anything.

and what is probably the worst part about this is someone out there is going to buy that.

whoever donated the couch probably donated this bedroom set too because they were right next to each other and just screamed "same owner."  i forgot to check the price on these gems, but i'd probably guess a grand considering they probably looked like gold to the manager.

yes, i thought i was looking at support poles for the building's structure too, but actually, we are looking the bed posts.  :/

well, i didn't find a bed for owen at any of the thrift stores, but i did find one on Craiglist for $50 ($30 sale price +$20 I offered to pay to deliver to my home.)   i really liked the look of Schoolhouse Electric's Hamilton bed for owen's room, but at $1,250 for a twin size bed that was a little too steep for me.

$30 versus $1,250
Schoolhouse Electric
the rust needs to come off of course, which i have a nice tutorial for that, and it needs to be painted.  knowing me, i'll probably paint it white, black, or gray, but i think it might be fun to go with a little color.  it's just paint, and paint doesn't scare me.
Elle Decor

Emily Clark

Everyday Lovely

Apartment Therapy

Scout House

what color would you love to paint a bed??

xx nancy

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  1. yipes!!!! This is all sorts of amazing...fav pic has to be you hunkered down on the floor taking a pic. Super nice find on that bed frame, do a bright color!!!

  2. I had a metal bed forever!!! Oh....my....gosh! That couch is horrid. The first thing that popped in my head is that it needed one of those signs that says "This fabric should not be used as pajamas. It is not flame retardant!" Oh my, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard! And the bed... the late seventies/early eighties called and have recalled their furniture!

    1. Ha! That couch is pretty sad, but it would be so awesome reupholstered in velvet. I am completely baffled at the price.

      Glad you like a metal bed! I am excited to get this baby home!!

  3. Electric blue or lime green that is awesome

  4. Great bed find! My daughter requested a rainbow bed, personally I would love to have a red one. I needed new beds for both of my kids when we moved and I had a hard time finding anything I liked. I ended up ordering them both one from PBKids after getting frustrated without finding anything reasonable anywhere.

  5. Gaaaaah!! I may or may not have just spit out my wine after seeing that couch! That's crazy ugly. Great bed find! My vote is for a deep Royal Blue or mustard. Either of those would look fab and give his room a little pop of color.

  6. oh my goodness - that COUCH!!!!!!! Please pass the eye bleach!

  7. Oh yes, the Salvation Army. I get so mad at the prices too! I was looking for some picture frames, and all their old, small frames were around $4. I can get brand new ones at Walmart or Target for $1. I ended up just going to a garage sale and got a whole box of old frames for a total of $3. You found some SPECIAL items this time at good ol' Salvation Army! Haha! The bed you got from Craigslist is very cute. I've always wanted to paint a bed a red or orange poppy color.

  8. Anonymous10/16/2013

    That is so funny. Someone owned that! Who???!!! I want to meet them, well, maybe not. You got a great bed for Owen!!

  9. The price of that couch is insane. Although there is a part of me that likes it. Not the horrid fabric, but I could see it redone. It's would be pretty sweet in a fun fabric. Too bad it's priced so high. I wouldn't pay more than 30 bucks for that!

  10. That was one entertaining visit to a thrift store, Nancy! Thank you for sharing the laughter with us! Haha! Anyway, there are some important factors to consider when choosing a bed: the size of the bed, the space of the room, the color, and the mattress itself. And since people have different sleeping habits and conditions, taking this into consideration will pay off your money's worth.
    Dante @ The Healthy Bed Store

  11. Oh god that couch and bed are awful! Sooo 80s, so tasteless. I love the metal bed you found though. I found one similar for my daughter and had it powder coated in Birch White. The coloured ones look great too though. Particularly love the teal one.

  12. Great bed! Maybe a teal or cream...

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