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i thought i would poke in, and let you know what's currently going on in my life.

 . . . . on the home front

+ happy mail day!  it's amazing how this box will turn into something awesome like that photo on the right.  but it's true my friends, and i am stoked.

+ i finally got owen a bed!  i'm still thinking about paint colors.

and yes, it tested positive for lead.  boo!  i took it by a sandblaster who quoted me a minimum of $300 to take it off.  another boo.  fortunately, there is the internet and good quality air control masks you canwear, so i might be tackling this job myself away from the home of course.  if you have pointers, i would love to hear your thoughts. [you can purchase Lead Check at Lowe's Home Improvement]

+ matt and i celebrated our 6 year anniversary last weekend, and owen crashed the party.

+ a project that from here on out that will be referred to as: Project "TIMESUCKBUTTRULYGRATEFULFORTHISTIMESUCK."

so, that's not really me, but i swear i feel like i am swimming in a sea of papers right now.

+ there are also some other time sucks going on around here at the house.

via reel foto via Jill Greenberg
okay, that's not my son either, but this captures the true essence of motherhood and what I experience on a daily basis.

via buckets and bows

okay, this is not my real laundry, but that's a real time suck.

via my real life
okay, this is a real photo of my sink.

+ Young House Love did it again by sharing the love.  thank you for the wonderful feature! [you can see the room reveal here.]  [source list here.]

 . . . . . in the sewing room

+ i shared this fabric pull on instagram [you can follow me here + i am private but just request to follow and i'll accept.].  i turned it into pluses, which will never get old for me.

+ a modern cat block i made.  actually, i made about 25 of these.  i don't even own cats, but i know many quilters do.  i'm thinking about sharing the tutorial for this super easy block, if there's any interest.

+ art gallery fabrics sent over minimalista and a few pure elements for me to play with.  [thank you AGF] i'll be working on this for the next few weeks.

+ and if you are interested in joining a modern bee, my good friend Danny, from Mommy For Reals, has some openings for her Stash Bee.  so check it out!  she's awesome, and you will love her.  you can get all the information here.

so what has been sucking up your time lately?  are you preparing for the holidays?

have a great weekend!

xx nancy

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  1. I found you via YHL. Love the fabrics, thanks for the inspiration. p.s., I'd love to follow you on IG, but you are "private", boo :(

    1. Hey Marie! I am private, but all you have to do is request to follow, and I'll hit yes. :) I was public for awhile, but I kept getting random comments from men who definitely do not follow me or are interested in my work. LOL

  2. Love your pluses with the low volume background - yum! Also, I made a cushion using your Wonky Triangle pattern and it has been a hit! Here is the Flickr link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66503792@N06/10715119694/ Wonderful pattern :)

  3. Unfortunately my sewing machine and fabric are unavailable right now. Fortunately for a good reason - my sewing room is being redone!! We're also having a bathroom remodel and hardwood floors replaced (floors due to toilet issue). So I sit at my computer with a roomful of boxes behind me. If I just look at the computer I can't see them. ;-)

  4. Great family photo! :)

  5. I love the pluses! Inspiration :) I will definitely need to try that.
    I don't have cats and don't even really like them, but that modern cat block is cute :)

    1. I love pluses too! :) I'm not much of a cat person either. There's another type of cat block I'd like to make too, which kind of reads Scandinavian to me, so I'm hooked.

  6. I was thrilled to see your room on YHL! I loved that room from CWTS. I'm actually using it as a bit of inspiration for my kids room and have a question for you - I'm considering using Decorators White and am planning on a pop of color on the ceiling and other pops of color throughout the room. My question is this - I have a lot of the other furniture pieces in the room (bunk beds, bookcases, curtains, etc.) which of course are all sightly different hues of white to off white - should I worry about this? Is it going to be wonky and weird? What about trim? Your white on whites all look so lovely. I'd love your thoughts. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Thank you Jessi! I used Decorator's White in my son's room, and he has white furniture (dresser, shelving, and mirror), which look just fine. I think adding color throughout your space will help draw the eyes away from all the white. I am not sure about KK's trim color. Mine is the standard Valspar white. In my home, DW tends to pull a little green in the evening, but I do not know if it does that for KK's room. Factors like decor, lighting, and flooring will change paint colors. I would recommend testing out a large patch (around a 24" square) on each wall of the room that will be painted. And then sit on it for a few days checking in periodically at different times of the day. And as I always say, it's just paint! Paint is one of the easiest things to change out in home decor. Besides pillows, of course. :) Best of luck!

  7. great family pic! I have been busy with working, kids (the youngest has been teething and started walking and the oldest is having a hard time with sharing). and of course I've been sewing up a storm, mostly selfish sews but now I need to get a start on christmas sewing lol

  8. Hello!

    I stumbled on your blog while looking up information on thread qualities and ran across this post using some of my Waterfront Park collection. I love your fabric pull and the + blocks look fabulous!

  9. Anonymous6/02/2015



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