Readers, I need your help! (and winner announced)

Hey everybody!

I know you are excited to find out who is going to win some free fabric, but don't worry.  I will let you know by this evening, which will be attached to the end of this post.

Alright, I need your help.  I really want to update my background and add a cute button.

Does anyone know how to add a picture I took and apply it to my template?  I would like for the picture to be my background.  FYI, I have used Blogger's suggestion under the Advanced button under template.  It didn't work for me.

Second, do you know how to create a button?  I know I will need a picture, but do you know how to write the code?  


Don't forget to check back to see who won!

Winner of Holli's fabric . . .

Congrats Stacey.


  1. Thnk you Nancy! I am so excited to have won! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  2. Bummer--wrong Stacy! :) Congrats, Stacey!

  3. Bummer! :(

    About blog stuff: are you using the updated Blogger interface? If not, this should help:

    To post an image of your own as the background, go to Template designer and then Background (not Advanced). When you click to 'select a background,' you should see the option at the top to "Upload image." Then you can select a file from your computer.

    To post an image of your own as the header, go to the Design tab, then click on the Header block and the window that pops up will also have the option to UPLOAD. But! Be sure that before you upload, you click the box to automatically shrink/fit. Otherwise, if your image is the wrong size, it will look funny.

    To make a button that others can take the code to put on their blogs, I've just googled "make a 'grab my button box'" and you should get tons of results. I can't remember which exactly I've used. But you'll learn a lot by reading a few...

    Good luck!


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