Halloween Week Special {Crafts}

After seeing these crafts, I may just start celebrating Halloween more regularly.  

{FALL FABRIC WREATH from The 36th Avenue}

{ Tatertots and Jello & The 36th Avenue Mod Podge Pumpkins}

{Q-Tip Skeleton by Busy Bee Kids Crafts}

{Fanged Pumpkins by Martha Stewart}

{Decorative Pumpkins}

{Adorable Candy Holder}

{ Spooky Magnifying Glasses}

{DIY Halloween Project Book}

Lollipop Ghosts }

13 Days of Halloween Calendar }

{Hello Kitty Pumpkin on Pinterest}

{ Stenciled Paper Bags}

{Skull Potato Stamps }

{Haunted Portrait }

{ Paranormal Portraits}

{Mod Podged BOO letters }

{Tip Junkie }

{ Tangled Web}

{ Halloween Ornaments}

{Halloween Lanterns }

{Chalkboard rocks }

{Halloween Votives }

{Skeleton Sock Monkeys }

{Candy Corn Topiaries }

{Silhouettes }

{Specimen Jars }

{Paper Bats }

Monday-  Etsy
Thursday- Decorations
Friday- Fabric

xx nancy

My quilting book released Sept. 24, 2015 and is on Amazon.  Check it out!


  1. Anonymous9/21/2011

    ohhhhhh....Im so sorry that happened!!! Thats the WORST!!!!!I was just looking at This post and thinking how many Great links you have,seriously, if thats any consolation <3

  2. thank you. I was VERY sad, but I am sure that has happened to someone else before. It wasn't until about an hour later that I realized I should have gone into my published folder, and click the Halloween Food/Decor/Party link and changed it to a draft. I believe that would have taken it off of the blog. Oh well.

    I REALLY appreciate your kind words!

    Thank you so much!!!


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