One Hot Mess

I have two things to share with you today both of which are exciting.

Well, one of them is really exciting for me, and the other is exciting for you!  
Oh, how sweet.  :)

You know how I mentioned those boxes in my living room?

We got our cabinets installed over the last two days.

I love them!

I can't wait to share with you a before and after, but that won't be for at least another 2 months or so.
I have things I want to do here and there before the "big" reveal.

You know how I mentioned that "hot mess" awhile back?

Well, just take a look.

(anyone want to teach me Gimp or Inkscape? lol)

Holy Hot Mess

I just had to crank up the image to a gigantic size, so you can see that properly.
Hopefully, you can scroll side to side to see that entire picture.

Here's a little more before I tell ya the good news.

 that reads "unfortunate electrical wiring and half painted wall."  i painted and got lazy.

Check out the wallpaper and vinyl floors!

Okay, now on to the news you really wanted to read.

Check back Friday morning for a little special surprise for my Fabric Friday.

No kitchens involved. :)


  1. Yep! That is, in fact, one helluva hot mess! :) Good luck cooking without a sink. I've heard kitchen remodels are...not fun. And hopefully the base cabinets match up to the new floors. Were you expecting that?

  2. Yeah, we are using the tub. lol
    I am not too sure what you mean about new floors, but we got white cabinets. I needed something that could resell easily. Maybe in my next home, we can do something trendy like colored cabinets. As for counter tops right now, I am using plywood. lol My workspace is really small!

  3. Oh, by match up to the new floors I meant that since the laminate flooring that was laid on top of the vinyl flooring only went to the previous base cabinets (which were probably installed over the vinyl floor), I was hoping your new base cabinets exactly match up so there isn't any kind of gap or unevenness in the floor. Sometimes it affects putting in the dishwasher, too. Good luck!


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