Halloween Week Special {Crafts}

After seeing these crafts, I may just start celebrating Halloween more regularly.  

{FALL FABRIC WREATH from The 36th Avenue}

{ Tatertots and Jello & The 36th Avenue Mod Podge Pumpkins}

{Q-Tip Skeleton by Busy Bee Kids Crafts}

{Fanged Pumpkins by Martha Stewart}

{Decorative Pumpkins}

{Adorable Candy Holder}

{ Spooky Magnifying Glasses}

{DIY Halloween Project Book}

Lollipop Ghosts }

13 Days of Halloween Calendar }

{Hello Kitty Pumpkin on Pinterest}

{ Stenciled Paper Bags}

{Skull Potato Stamps }

{Haunted Portrait }

{ Paranormal Portraits}

{Mod Podged BOO letters }

{Tip Junkie }

{ Tangled Web}

{ Halloween Ornaments}

{Halloween Lanterns }

{Chalkboard rocks }

{Halloween Votives }

{Skeleton Sock Monkeys }

{Candy Corn Topiaries }

{Silhouettes }

{Specimen Jars }

{Paper Bats }

Monday-  Etsy
Thursday- Decorations
Friday- Fabric

xx nancy

My quilting book released Sept. 24, 2015 and is on Amazon.  Check it out!


  1. ohhhhhh....Im so sorry that happened!!! Thats the WORST!!!!!I was just looking at This post and thinking how many Great links you have,seriously, if thats any consolation <3

  2. thank you. I was VERY sad, but I am sure that has happened to someone else before. It wasn't until about an hour later that I realized I should have gone into my published folder, and click the Halloween Food/Decor/Party link and changed it to a draft. I believe that would have taken it off of the blog. Oh well.

    I REALLY appreciate your kind words!

    Thank you so much!!!


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