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a quick note to say thank you for those who helped me try to figure out what material was used to cover this light. i should ask more questions on this blog.  :)  i haven't had time to respond to emails yet, so sorry for the delay.  you guys rocked out some great answers though, and i can't wait to do a little research and start on my light.  this light will go in the kitchen over christmas/new year break when matt can center the light over the island.  i plan on moving the existing light to my little laundry area, which is also our carport entry.

the light below is what i want to diy and can be bought at serena and lily.  i pinned it  a long time ago, and it always has been on the forefront of my mind. (though i am not 100% positive the light you see below is actually serena and lily)

Lucy and Company
thank you for telling me the correct source of the photo!

i think this light will work well for the following reasons.

  • since the only artificial light source in the kitchen is the light above the island, this will allow me to use a bright bulb without blinding everyone's eyeballs because the weaving effect will soften the light.  (we are not installing recessed lighting)
  • the color will bring in a natural element into the kitchen, and grey and natural wood look really, really good together.  
if the project turns out to be a fail, i'll definitely let you know.  

just ignore that NO RUGS sign.  the picture came from this post, and i realized while typing this that i have no other shots like this with the kitchen updated.

here's the progress on my newest quilt.  my love for hsts continue.  i have no idea how i'm going to quilt this, so if you want to offer a suggestion, i'm open to it!

have a great weekend!


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  1. I made a HST quilt this spring, I used straight lines about 1 inch apart. Not sure if that would be best for your quilt, but if you want to look at my quilt for reference here is my Flickr link http://www.flickr.com/photos/29630389@N04/sets/72157629467576334/
    I love HST quilts too and your color combo is great!


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