embroidered gifts

I made these two items awhile back for wedding gifts for a friend of mine and a relative.  Now that both items have been delivered safely to the brides' homes, I am able to share them with you.

This is an original design done by me.

If you are interested in purchasing a Type Love hoop, please click here.

Perfect for anniversaries, weddings, or special loved ones.



  1. those are lovely - such a great gift idea!

  2. Great idea! Those are adorable!

  3. I love it! Such a sweet keepsake and a clever idea, very nice work.

  4. So cute! Using one of my favorite fabrics! You are so clever in your use!

  5. Anonymous10/10/2012

    I love mine its the 2nd one that has HC and LR my favorite wedding gift Iv known Nancy since middle school and she has always had talent I'm so glad she is sharing her talent now!!!

  6. Holy hell how do you find the time?!? I'm loving these!! Wish I knew about them earlier....I'm heading to a wedding this weekend and totally would have bought one!

  7. Hi, Nancy.. This is all about your effort. I wish you that you come fast. I am looking for your next post. thanks a lot.

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  8. Okay, those a super cute! I wonder why did you pick the type writer? I love embroidered gifts. I did a personalized quilt for my best friend on her wedding day.


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