Wow.  I have really enjoyed reading everyone's inputs on the threads they use.  Thank you!  I am sure you are helping someone else out there too by letting us know what works for you and doesn't.  Onto other news . . .

Matt and Owen left early this morning to hike a mountain here in NC.  Owen loves to camp, and this is his 3rd camp out.  This means I have the weekend TO MYSELF!  What am I going to do???  That was me asking myself that.

Actually, I have a few things planned.

I started on the backside of my kitchen island.  My idea of a herringbone pattern, which will be painted white with dark edges, is turning more into a chevron, even though I staggered the boards.  I know herringbone is the sister of chevron, but it's looking like it's full on chevron.  (Did anyone just say full on double rainbow in their head after reading that?)  I love chevrons, but my home cannot handle any more chevrons.  I have chevron curtains and a chevron wall.  I laid out a few planks to see what it might look like, and here are the results.  Just ignore awful lighting.  Hopefully you get the idea.

I may need to rethink my options for the back.   We'll see.

I'm attending the Parade of Homes here in Raleigh!  I'm so excited to snoop around in other people's homes and take photos of inspiring DIY ideas.   Don't worry.  You'll get to see them too.

If there's any time left (because this girl will be in her pajamas and in bed most of the weekend), I will tend to a few sewing projects.

I came out a half yard too short for the back of my friend's quilt, so I am waiting for fabric to come in the mail.  I am thinking of quilting using wavy lines.  I like the organic lines in the Echo Leaf Vine that I used, so I think mimicking that will be nice.

I like what Bijou Lovely did here.  So fun!

Quilting question.  How did she achieve visible stitches?  Heavier/thicker thread?  Contrasting colored thread?  I'm so new to quilting, which means I have a lot to learn.

And lastly, here's some other things going on.

1.  3rd quilt.  My love for HSTs, graphic, and modern.
2. Joined the Pervalong QAL!  SO excited for this!  I joined really late, but that's okay.
3. Samples I'm toying around with.
4. A very small sneak peek at a few completed projects.  (Please do not get the impression I am a fast sewer.  I am dreadfully slow!)

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I would *guess* contrasting thread, larger stitch length, possibly a "stiffer" thread, or like you thought maybe a thicker thread, bigger needle, and probably the picture you see is prewashed... the stitching might fade into the fabric more after a few washings.

  2. Love how many projects you have going! I'm looking forward to seeing what direction you take with the back of the island, I like chevron but know what you mean with too much of a good thing!

  3. I have no idea how to get the thread showing - I was wondering that the other day as well.. i ended up doing hand embroidery - but it was a small project. I wouldn't want to hand embroider a quilt!
    I'm jealous of a weekend to yourself! Enjoy!
    ps. i always have at least 3 projects on the go and a couple in the mind/project sketchbook stage lol. It's a blessing and a curse.

  4. I like to use a heavier weight thread to get that look. An Aurifil 12 wt will give you that look, but you have to be careful not to break a needle in your machine. It's totally doable though. I love the look. Loving your island. I was trying to show Brent some of your updates to your house the other day and I couldn't find one central location for all your renos.

  5. I think a heavier weight will achieve the look and your stitches will also show up a bit more if you increase the stitch length to 3.5. That is what I do when quilting.
    So happy to have found your blog and that you are in NC too!
    I'm hosting a scrappy quilt-along starting next week if you want to check it out. It's easy and great for beginners too. :)

  6. So your almost to the 'dont know what number quilt' stage! Congrats! Not really sure about the cheveron thing. Are you painting or adding the wood? I like the idea of painting it in several shades, very slight difference, maybe larger scale so only one mountain? So ambitious to try paper piecing! But that's the best way to learn jumping in and I love the QAL! Thanks for finding me another blog to follow! Cant wait to see the small stuff your making.

  7. Wow!! Whole weekend to yourself! Lucky duck. Oh, the things I would accomplish! Try the herringbone pattern on a smaller scale....maybe cut the boards in half and see how that works. Good luck!

  8. Found your blog via YHL, so glad to see someone from here in Raleigh!

    1. ah! I need to know more people here in Raleigh!

  9. love your projects! found your blog from YHL! what if you did the wood at a repetitive 45 degree angle.. like \\\ instead of \/ i dont know if that makes sense. Good luck!

  10. Hi there! Your blog is so cute, love it! I just wanted to comment on the visible stitching since you've linked to my mustache quilt :) I just used a standard Guttermann 100% cotton thread in gray. The contrasting color helps if you want it to show up! I increase my stitch length to 3.2 before I start quilting. That photo was taken before washing the quilt, the stitches do sink in a little more once you wash and dry it! Hope this helps :)

  11. to answer the quilting question, I think it's just a longer stitch length with a contrasting thread, no?

    1. And of course the quilt's owner already answered. Duh!


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