Sew South || A Modern Sewing Retreat in Charlotte, NC

I had a different post for you today, but I am literally swamped and couldn't finish editing the photos in time.  I have a feeling you guys won't be seeing as much of me over the course of this next month.  I should probably let you guys in on what's going on around here, but I really don't want to let the cat out of the bag in case it's a total flop or  failure.  I'm just that kind of a person.

But's here's my secret list.

  • I'm trying something new, scary, and big, which is taking a lot of my time.  (Not home related.)
  • I'm working on a sewing tutorial that will be posted on another site in the near future.
  • I recently got invited to attend a local craft fair the first week of December, which means that big, scary thing above gets pushed to the back burner, and there's a chance I will have to start all over again.
  • All of this is happening within a month's time frame (well, except for the big, scary thing above, which is happening all the time when I have time and over a course of a few months).  :)
  • And if you haven't noticed, I'm dramatic and can't handle a lot on my plate at any given time.  Yeah, woe is me.  At least I admit this!  :)

Onto Sew South!

Jennifer, of Ellison Lane Quilts, asked me to share this information with you guys.  We both just recently met on the internet, and we were both so happy to know that we were somewhat near each other!  I was excited to see Sew South was going to be held nearby.   It seems like all the fun stuff happens up North or out West.

To read more about this fun event, including ticket prices and itinerary, please click here. 

Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, Oct. 24th.  This event is only open to 50 people, so act fast!

Have a good day!



  1. so wish I could be there! It sounds like a blast!

  2. Very mysterious! Can't wait to hear more.

  3. Ooh, now I really want to know what the big scary thing is! Are you going to Sew South?

  4. Your life sounds as busy as mine! Cant wait to see what is up! I'm trying to finish up two mini quilts for an art show by the 27th, have to write/photo a tutorial for the Intrepid Thread newsletter, and have 6 brides maids bags to finish making this weekend.
    I would love to go to the Sew South too!

  5. Very excited to hear what this big scary thing is!! You can tell me you know....I won't tell. Promise!!


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