name this material for me so I can DIY it

totally stumped on this one.  what material is wrapped around this light?  it is not wood veneer.  i've tried that already.  looks similar to corn husks (in my opinion), but then again who would want a vegetable hanging from their ceiling?  (actually, corn is a grass for the more politically correct.)  the husband suggested reed.

so, so stumped.

Lucy and Company

this photo does not belong to me, but i want to source it!  i had no intentions of ever showing this photo, so i didn't keep the source.  my gut is saying lonny mag or some other online magazine.



  1. Kathleen10/24/2012

    Palm leaves?

  2. can you get bamboo strips like that? I think they would be durable enough and flexible enough to do this even this thin. Sorry just guessing not too much help.

  3. Umm basket making reed like I have in my etsy store https://www.etsy.com/listing/97108077/5-coils-of-flat-flat-oval-round-reed-for Youvsoak it in water to make it pliable. Comes in various widths.

  4. Perhaps some sort of soft bamboo?

  5. It looks like one of those leaf that my grandma used to weave with.. In malaysia they make mats with these leaves.. Like here http://malaysiana.pnm.my/Alat%20Tradisonal/biliktidur_tikarmengkuang.htm. If i translate it, it comes to pine leaves..well good luck in finding the answer..

  6. I wonder if you could flatten out raffia to look like that. It almost reminds me of rubber bands.

  7. Photo was orginally taken by "Lucy & Company" http://lucyandcompanyblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/woman-with-style.html
    Maybe you could contact her and she could point you in the right direction- although they are a interior design firm so they might want to get paid for the info!

  8. I was thinking palm leaves as well! I get where you are coming from with the corn husks because looking at it, I totally want a tamale.

  9. I wonder if it's a fabric or ribbon that has been colored?

    Uploaded the picture to google images and found a little more info for you: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lucyandcompany/6268977170/in/photostream

  10. Heather McGinnis10/25/2012

    Banana fiber

  11. I think it is the split ash wood commonly used for basket weaving. It looks too think to be palm leaves and doesn't have the right texture for bamboo (it is too variegated in the picture--bamboo has a more even fiber texture), which leads me to think that is wood.


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