Wow.  I posted every day this week.  Pat on my back.  I feel pretty, freaking awesome.  It's been a busy week to say the least with two giveaways going on and Christmas quickly approaching.  Before the weekend starts, I thought I should catch you guys up to date on what's going on around here.

Owen was sick for the first time in his life.  (He'll be 3 in April.)  I had a little more time on my hands to get things done since that little booger didn't want much cuddling.  Now, I normally wouldn't wish sickness upon my son, but if all sicknesses were like this one, I would probably wish upon a star.  This little boy went from running/talking/eating/what's this?, what's that? to sleeping/dazed/zombie.  He just laid there and was content doing almost nothing, though he did want to watch his comfort TV shows.  It was heaven!  I can't be the only mom out there who can relate to this.

So my WIPs are things that have been done for awhile mixed with what's really going on now but just haven't blogged about them yet.


  • A small (and inexpensive) command center in my kitchen.  This photo was my inspiration.

  • LIGHT FAIL! but will try, try again in the near future.  I blogged about DIYing this light here, which you can also see what it is really supposed to look like.  What I really need is an extra pair of hands to help me with the reed, and I am positive my husband has zero interest in helping.  
          This is just a hot mess.

  • Testing out polka dots.  What do you think this is?


  • #3 quilt DONE!  :)  I just haven't had time to blog about it yet, but it is in my Etsy shop.  Here's a little teaser shot.  You can see my other two quilts here.

  • #4 quilt top COMPLETE. 

  • Remember the fabric pull I showed you earlier this week?  Here's the progress.  My inspiration for this project is 110% from Little Bluebell's Rebel Amish quilt.  It's one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen, and I am so happy she participated in the Deck the Hall series or else I may have not known about it.  The color inspiration came from a few Target gift tags that I have.   So 80's.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping in!



  1. Poor little man :( Hope he's better soon.

    I'm totally obsessed with polka dots - this year's holiday card is dots. 2013 will officially be our year of the dots. Bye, bye year of the chevron!

  2. Poor little one. Its sickness galore at our school. I was out 2 days myself this week and am still felling crappy. Your are sewing up a storm! I agree about the two hands. How about some heavy duty pinch clamps?

  3. Poor guy, at least it was a pretty mellow sickness. Hope he is feeling all better!

    xox Lilly

  4. Poor little thing! Yeah, I can sorta relate. My kids rarely get sick too. They may get a cold or a cough every now and then, but not a real run down, temperature, honest to goodness illness where they need to miss school and feel miserable. Why is that? Do we just breed super immunities?? But it is horrible when they are feeling so miserable.

  5. My kiddos have been sick on and off the past couple of weeks too! It's been crazy around here. You are getting so much sewing done! love your quilts-your fabric selection in each of them is so clean and fresh-love it!

  6. Your half square triangle turned out great, I really like the back too.


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