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First up, I have NO clue what this paper pieced block is supposed to be called.  I'm 126970% positive (my statistics teacher would be so disappointed in me right now) there is a name for this, so please let me know in the comment box.

On my Facebook page, I shared my block and made the mistake cutting it before accurately measuring.  That resulted in this block because I didn't have any more of the black fabric to fix my error.

Still looks amazing in my opinion, but it was not what I wanted.   Not too bad for my first paper pieced block!

Colors: Robert Kaufmann Kona Cerise,Cyan, and Snow, and Amy Butler River Shine

What I learned:

- Paper piecing wastes a lot of fabric.
-Everything is reversed, which became a problem for me when I wanted the colors to alternate.  Let's just say I have two extra quarter pieces . . .
- For goodness sake.  Measure twice!
-With paper piecing, you can achieve precise, crisp points.

Here was my mistake:  (and proof that imitation lighting can alter a color's appearance)

And here is what I wanted originally:

Because of my mistake, I was not able to rotate the star and have enough of the River Shine to create triangles on the sides.  :/

This photo was taken when I went to High Point Market, a hot spot in NC that happens twice a year for interior designers.  Hence, I named the block High Point 1-A on Facebook.  Totally, utterly boring.

Do you like to paper piece?



  1. I love the results of paper piecing, but not the headaches. Every time I start I vow that I will be really careful, and cut everything way bigger than necessary, and I still end up swearing!

  2. I don't really love it, no. I like that I know how to do it, and that it's there if I need it, but it's not really my favorite thing to do. I always try to cut too close on the pieces and end up having to re-do it a lot. And I don't love how messy it is (cutting off the extras, peeling off paper.) However, I've got a paper pieced quilt on the docket for this spring... we'll see if that makes me love it more or absolutely loathe it. :)

  3. Anonymous2/04/2013

    I think your star turned out well. I want to try paper piecing and have it as a goal for this year....sounds like you will either love or hate it :-)

  4. I would say yes and no - no because of the fabric waste but if I don't cut the fabrics generously, I always seem to have to redo it. I do love doing Kristy's cute little paper pieces like the little houses and sewing room with all the details.

  5. Wow. Look at that massive screw up. JK. Love it! It came out beautiful!


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