let's take a quick poll shall we?

It's poll time!  I like taking polls just to see kind of where I am at with things.  As you may or may not know, I blog about my home and sewing.  Sometimes, the two are related, but most of the time, they are not.  I understand many people prefer reading a particular genre, and I respect that.  I like to read home DIY blogs just as much as I like to see who is sewing what, but I don't expect everyone else in the world to like that too.  Am I going to change owen's olivia into just a sewing blog or just into a home DIY blog?  No, I don't foresee that happening anytime soon.   Lately, I have been trying to be a little more considerate in letting you know what my post entails by titling it with "Home Post" or "Sewing Post" giving you the option to click or pass.  So this poll lets me who likes what.  Is it the sewing or is it to peek into my home? Or is it both?  My plans for this blog are to continue to do as I am doing.  A mixture of what I love and the constant determination to bring more beauty into my life and home.  I want you to ultimately know that I truly appreciate your friendship, comments, and support, so thank you for taking time out your day to visit me!  Thank you for all that you do.

What interests you?

Also, is there another blog as unique as mine?  Do you know someone else who blogs about home DIY + sewing?  If you could leave the name of the blog below in the comment box that would be great!

Oh, and don't forget that I have a Facebook giveaway going on too!

I'll see you guys tomorrow!



  1. Girlfriend, blog about what you want to blog. I enjoy the authentic, no matter what the subject. When you write about your interests, it's authentic and interesting no matter what!

    1. Thanks! I was afraid that post would come across as insecure, but it definitely is not! :) I love that I write about both because those are my interests. I think it's important to know my readership though, as it can help me with my business too. :) Loving your belly bump and can't wait to "meet" the little girl!

  2. you know I love your blog! and I liked your facebook page the day you started it :) keep on being awesome!

  3. You make me laugh! Thats why I read your blog. Plus you have a pleasing visual style! :o)

  4. I love seeing your quilt designs. They are so updated and fun. I love that. I also like seeing your diy and furniture finds.

    I blog about DIY, sewing (but not quilting), crafting, recipes, artwork, remodeling and decorating. I love it all :)

  5. I struggle with this as well. "Design" is in my name, so I feel weird and limited when I post a killer recipe. So I feel ya! I agree with your other readers. If people like your "voice," I think they'll keep coming back no matter the topic.

  6. I say blog about all that you want. It is your blog and that is what we love about the blogs we read..... It is unique to you, your voice..... your loves and interests.... That is the why I blog....

    Have fun!

  7. YOU are what makes your blog interesting and fun to read!! I think your flow between sewing and home DIY feels organic and natural. Keep doin' what your doin' girl! We love it:)


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