let me stache your iPad for you . . .

I made this about a month before opening my Etsy shop.   I absolutely love this little iPad sleeve.  It's padded for a little extra protection and has the most adorable wooden mustache button.  The reason I never listed it right away was because of its label inside.  It says "small shop studio."  That was going to be the original name of my Etsy shop, and if I could have that name today, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.  I work in a very small space and I have always wanted to say that I have a"studio."  So dreamy, right?  The name has meaning for me, but before I googled "small shop studio," I was too anxious to get things going and didn't properly research if anyone else had that name.  Well, someone else does, and she has a brand styling studio.   Awesome for her, bummer for me.  So that is why the sleeve was never listed until today.  Today, I say who cares.  I made an awesome sleeve, and I want someone to enjoy it.  So today my friends, I list it in the shop.  

You can read all the details in my shop.

Winner of the 5 patterns from Etsy shop, During Quiet Time, is debbiekl!  Congrats!



  1. Looks great - if only I had an ipad. Love the cute moustache button detail.

  2. it's fab! That is indeed the perfect button!

  3. Cute I need to make something to keep my bb safe

  4. Anonymous2/07/2013

    Thanks again for the giveaway! :)


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