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Just a little living room update.  Before you are all like, "Girrrl, why did you add more brown???" just bear with me here.  Using what I had on hand, I took some things from other places in my home and placed them into my living room.  Also, Young House Love has a great post about "the middle."  So just refer to their post for understanding "the middle."

My curtains came from my bedroom.  I have plans to paint the entire panels in white and then add a graphic print on top of that.  I have no clue how this will turn out, but I don't mind taking the risk.  I've painted on curtains before, but only on a portion of them.   Before I paint them though, I have plans to shorten them, so the hundred feet of draped curtain panel on the floor is gone.  I'll also remove the grommets and use clips instead for hanging.

I kept this antique dresser I found on Craigslist.  My original plan was to experiment using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint and resale it, but I decided to keep it and as is.   On a side note, I did end up buying  AS Chalk Paint but not to use on this piece.  I'm thinking - new knobs?

I bought my clock from Kirkland's a few years ago on clearance for $15.  Though I do like its pattern, it reads a little more traditional to me, and in order to break up all the traditional items in my home, it needs to be painted. (Remember- I discovered my style is transitional.  I like modern with a touch of traditional.)  I'm thinking of using my hello logo in the header of my blog that I designed and having the center be black with bright neon clock hands.  What do you think?  I think it could look pretty awesome.

wow.  Check out that overstuffed library cabinet over there.
I would like my two sitting chairs to look more like the photo below.  I just want to sink into my comfy chair and toss the upholstery into the wash.  I would love to add these pillows to my chairs, if I slipcovered them white.   But you may have remembered the day I cursed slipcovers.  Wouldn't metal zippers down the back look pretty cool?  Yeah, they would.

As for my coffee table, I purchased the Pottery Barn piece off Craigslist several years ago.  It is so heavy and solid.  If my son is able to jump up and down on it, then I think it could handle anything else that comes it way.  What I dislike about this piece, which was not an issue pre baby, is the glass.  It was in mint condition when I bought it, and after having Owen, the glass has seen better days.  I'm soooo tired of wiping glass.  So tired.   My plan is to cover the top with a thick piece of wood and stain/white wash it .  My only concern is will it become too chunky, too boxy, too heavy looking for the space?  It is something I will not know until I place wood on top of it.  Sometimes, I just can't visualize things.  TIP:: Glass allows light to pass through and can make a room feel more spacious than it actually is.  But this is my goal:


The rug.  Oh, the rug.  Rug. Rug. Rug.  I just cannot make up my mind about that darn rug!  I blogged about rugs here.  But after looking at this photo, I realized my 8' x 10' rug is actually a little small for the space.  Personal opinion probably, but now it is something that is going to bug me for awhile.  Can you relate?

As for the ceiling fan . . . it has to stay.   For now.   It gets really hot and humid here in the South, so we use it all the time.

So here's the progress.

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  1. My style is transitional too. I looove traditional stuff with a twist. What about a few fun pops of color to offset the brown? I love the idea of white slipcovers for the chairs!

    1. I'll definitely be adding color to the room through accessories like art, pillows, possibly a new rug and such. I'm hoping I can slipcover them! thanks!

  2. Those curtains make a huge difference!

  3. Those curtains make a huge difference!

  4. Those curtains make a huge difference!

  5. Those curtains make a huge difference!

  6. I like the addition of the curtains, it looks polished. But I love grommets, so I am bummed to hear you want to take them off. Personally I always try to hide ring clips behind the tops of the curtain 'cause I just don't like them. We took the curtains down on the window our living room a few months ago (yikes, I think it's been 6 already!) and put up blinds. I loved the extra space it gave since at the same time we had started to leave out some toys. Now I'm longing for my curtains back. The room doesn't look polished and it's been bothering me for a while. But now we're talking about doing an addition and I just don't know what this room will be so we're literally stuck in the middle with no where to go. I would just throw them up had we not repaired the plaster walls and gone through great pains to cover up all the anchors. Ugh.

  7. I love, love, love the library cabinet. Super jealous of that!

    Kind of glad you didn't paint the dresser--I think it looks great as it is! And I'm very curious to see how the painted curtains come out!

  8. ok so much to comment on. Love the curtains ad dresser as is -though knobs sound intriguing-check World market they have some cool patterned porcelai ones.. Yes to the clock, kind zoned on the chairs so yes too. How about vinyling/frosting the glass top table = light but no worry about gloss. You are exhausting but so clever!

    1. I would rotate the couch and chairs 90degrees to the right

  9. Wow! Such a difference. I really like the clean look. I think this is the type of style I am going for in my living room too. Everything looks great.


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