what i did over the weekend . . . pallet wall progress, kitchen island find, yada, yada

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Well, it was just me and the little man this weekend. Matt went to DC for some Civil War board game tournament (didn't even know those existed), so Owen and I lived it up. We broke all the rules since daddy was gone. Owen ate his Cheerios in our bed. We stayed in our pajamas all day.  We ate Strawberry Shortcake for breakfast one morning. Owen played with the kitchen faucet and "washed" the dishes. (I normally let him wash dishes for about a minute and then I make him stop because it wastes so much water. This weekend he got to play for like 10 minutes.  Each day.  He was in heaven.)  We stayed up a little later than normal too.  And I didn't lift a finger to clean.  Whatever dishes got washed were the ones Owen did.  Oh, and I didn't cook a single meal.

So while we were doing all of that, I still found time to work on Owen's pallet wall.  I painted the wall, and then I got to work on the pallets.  I had already cut them and removed the nails.  That was definitely the worst part of this whole experience.  I just needed to put the pieces together over the weekend, which I am almost done.  Here are just a few shots.

Ah, working at night in the night.  In the low 40s.  And my source of light was that green lamp I either love or hate.

Don't hate.  I know you're jealous.    LMBO!!!! My inspiration?  All those crappy shots of girls (me included) trying to be sexy while taking the shot themselves. (These are probably the most unflattering photos of all time! Go ahead and take two screen shots, so one day, when I am famous, you can throw this back in my face :)

So Walker chewed my real mask, which forced me to use cheesecloth.  But it kept my face nice and toasty in 40 degree weather.

Isn't this guy so adorable?  "Hmm, where shall I put this screw?"
 "Ah, that's a good spot!"
See?  Can't you tell I didn't do much.  The kid is only wearing his diaper. :)

Since I am on the subject of Owen's room, I will mention the rocking chairs I drooled over.  I do have a story to tell about my rocking chair(s), but that will come at a later time.  I decided that I need a good rocker for his room, so we can cuddle, sing, and read together.  I have fond memories of my mom rocking me at night and singing to me, so I want that for Owen.  I gushed over these incredible rockers from monte.

I found a more reasonable rocker at Babies R Us, which is very similar to the Luca Glider from monte.

I also found a dresser for my kitchen island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is quite the beauty.  Thank you Craigslist! And thank you Aaron for selling it to me for 125 beans.  Without you, this wouldn't be possible.

And lastly, I scored my first two Tiffany & Co. items for $0.98 total at a local thrift store.  I LOVE thrift stores.  If you don't thrift shop, you seriously need to.  How gorgeous are these mugs??? There were only two of them or else I would have taken more.

I love the gold detail, and there's a gold stripe along the handle.  I imagine these mugs holding a small bouquet of flowers or sitting on a white lacquer desk holding pens. 
What would you put in or do with these mugs?

 How was your weekend?  Did you break any rules?  Did you do anything fun?


  1. Loooooooove your self pics :) Sexy at it's best! That pallet wall is going to look amazing, can't wait to see it! Great find on those mugs, I'm so jealous!!

  2. soooo cute that pic of own helping with the drill! Love the pallet wall too.
    Awesome find on the mugs!
    I didn't do anything terribly exciting this weekend.

  3. The MIL just picked up the baby for the day, so I'll let you know what I get done!

  4. Anonymous1/16/2012

    We took out everything from our huge pantry and cleaned it and put it back. So much better now! I also cleaned out our back room for when Grandma comes over. We also cleaned house big time, but you wouldn't know it anymore...

  5. I love your goggles and face mask number one.......number two...it is amazing to me how Owen does not even need to face the camera to be so dang adorable! Not biased...lol....In that one he looks like he is sitting like the forest gump boy.......:)

  6. I just whitewashed a few pallet signs, but the lady giving the directions didn't give the good directions that you did! I had no idea about the 2 parts/1part thing. It still came out fine, but still! Anyway, I love your blog and the way you write!

    My question is: What did you screw the pallet wood to? Did you have to find studs or use anchors for the drywall? It looks great!!!


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