Fabric Silhouette Tutorial

 I want to do a grouping of fabrics displayed in embroidery hoops with Owen's silhouette being the centerpiece.  These will go into his room.

If you do not want to make one but still want one for your home or as a gift, you can contact me to make one for you.

Items needed:

Embroidery hoop
Digital photo of a person in profile or a photograph
Fabric for the hoop and for the silhouette
Fusible web
Fabric marker

1.  Take your digital image, preferably in black and white to help save colored ink, and open it in your preferred photo software.  I am using Gimp, a free software.   Go to Image -- Scale Image.  Select Inches, and press on the paper clip looking thing.

 Press on the paper clip looking thing so you can set your own dimensions. Mine is the blue circle next to inches.

Set your desired dimensions, and hit Scale.

Your image should look like this.

Go to print and preview your image.

This is what my image looks like on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

2.  Print your image, and check the size with your embroidery hoop.

3.  Trace your image with a marker, and cut it out.

4. Pin your image to your fabric.  Trace it with a fabric marker, and cut it out.

5.  Pin your silhouette to fusible webbing.  Cut it out leaving about an 1/8" around all the edges.  Follow the directions according to your fusible webbing to adhere the silhouette to the main fabric.

6.  Place fabric in embroidery hoop and trim the edges. 


xx nancy

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