Fabric Friday {Olivia's 15 Fat Quarter Bundle}

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I am participating in Quokka Quilt's Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle contest.  I would like to make my first quilt!  I came up with a few fat quarter bundles, which I will share with you over the course of a month or two, but I was only allowed to enter one bundle.  Even though this was really hard work for me, I enjoyed coming up with a color palette.  It is difficult combining patterns, which I believe is the hardest part for most people.  This can also pertain to interior design, and I definitely fall under the scared category. :) 

I knew I definitely wanted Kaffe Fasset Pastel by Westminster Fabrics in my fat quarter bundle, and I worked from there.  I had to use 3 solids and 12 prints.  Here are my selections.

1. Echo Purple by Lotta Jansdotter
2. Heirloom Gray Cobblestone by Dear Stella
3. Herringbone Stripe by Westminster Fabrics
4. Paris Apartment by Bari J. Ackerman
5. Storyboek Fresh Bubble Stripe by Birch Fabrics
6. Ruby Cotton Grey Sundae by Moda Fabrics
7. Palladium Ikat by Dear Stella
8. Palladium Grey Gridlock by Dear Stella
9. Lakehouse Cream on Cream Dots by Lakehouse Fabrics
10. Tilly Organic Dawn Mumsy by
11. Kaffe Fassett Pastel by Westminster Fabrics
12. Taza Blue Little Navina by Dena Designs
13. Kona Cotton Teal by Robert Kaufman
14. Stella Gray by Dear Stella
15. Bella Solids Blue Raspberry by Moda Fabrics

And this was no easy feat.  Just take a look at my desktop.  There are over 130 pictures on this screen.  Now if only there were an easy way to delete these . . .

Happy Friday!  I'm working on those darn pallets this weekend, and I figured out exactly what I am going to do.  I am VERY excited!



  1. Use the Command button to choose multiple images then drag them all to the wastebasket. :) I'm so glad you chose this bundle! The colors are so fun!

  2. Yeah, but if there was a way to not have to individually select each one while holding the command button that would be great. I have some things on my desktop that I can throw away, or else I would select them all! And even if I were to deselect the stuff to keep, the images are piled high on top of each other. *sigh*

    I'm glad you like my selection! Best of luck!!

  3. Anonymous1/13/2012

    You should just be able to highlight a whole mess of them with your right click and then click once and drag to the trash bin. I accidentally highlight stuff all the time on my desktop, so it can't be too hard.

    When is my saw going to come in handy? ;-)

  4. Good for you! I hope you jump in feet first into your quilt! I love your bundle! I dont have a mac but isnt there a way to look at your desktop in a window as a list of files?

  5. wow - it must have been really hard to choose just 15 from all those fabrics - good job - and have fun making your first quilt - love your final selection :)


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