30 Fat Quarter Projects

Alright, I gathered up 30 more fat quarter projects for you. :)

Country Living makes pincushions using cookie dough cutters.  You could make several out of one fat quarter.  I like this idea because you are reusing what you have in your home.  I think they would make great gifts too.

whipstitch made this castle.  I know it looks big, but it really is not. 

 Mauby thought about the little boys!  Here's her tool belt using one fat quarter.

Positively Splendid made a ruffled sunglass case.  Now if only I would stop losing my glasses . . .

Remarkably Domestic covered a small tin using one fat quarter

Checkered Tote from BHG.

edward and lilly made a fat quarter tote bag using Cicada Daydream's tutorial.

Cicada's bag.

If you don't want to make a little bag, you can opt for this easy wallet from BHG.

Elsie, from A Beautiful Mess Blog, shows you how to make hair bows.  I need to wear hair bows.

You can make little treat bags for birthday parties like the people at allpeoplequilt.com did. 

Stop Staring and Start Sewing made an Apron in an Hour for you.
I would have never thought about making a pillowcase from fat quarters, but Quilter's Home will show you how.

Amy Friend will show you how to make an iPhone case.  I love the print.

Blissful by quenna made this mini wallet.

Youcanmakethis.com offers a free downloadable "Charming Twirl Skirt" pattern for the American Dolls.  Perfect for those people who bought those expensive son of a guns this Christmas.

And here is a little quilt from Sew, Mama Sew your daughter can tuck her American doll into.

{LBG} Studios made a cute mini coloring book bag.
She also made a makeup brush roll.

If you have felt fat quarters, which, honestly, I don't know if you can buy felt fat quarters, and you are feeling whimsical, make these shrooms.  I guess you could always make it from cotton.

Visit Saltwater-Kids for this coaster.  Or as Jen would say, "Mug Rug."
This is a cute appliqued bag from V and Co. 

2 Little Hooligans made this Ruffled Wristlet.

She also made these clothes dividers.  (She has a Fat Quarter Friday post, if you are interested)
Craft Blog shows you how to cover a notebook with a fat quarter.

Soule Mama made a Gratitude Wrap for writing notes.

Here's a drawstring bag from BHG.

Jen Grant Morris covered a trough with one fat quarter.

The Sewing Blog made a Moleskin Journal Cover.

This quilt is from Bolt Neighborhood.  This would be up my alley since I have never quilted before.

Moda Bake Shop made plate chargers.

Didn't get enough of a fat quarter fix?  You can see more here, here, and here.

xx nancy

My quilting book released Sept. 24, 2015 and is available on Amazon.  Check it out!


  1. A crazy thing I've done was when I was young.. I leaned over to pick something up off the floor at church and out ripped a loud one.. LOL! We all proceeded to giggle, and you know how impossible it is to not giggle during church! Sigh.. Embarassing then, HILARIOUS now. ;)

  2. love the fat quarter ideas post! you must know I keep a few lying around!
    Craziest thing I ever did... hmmm.... One day my friend and I baled cookies when we were in our teens and brought them to the mall to peddle our wares (cookies). We sold them all - with one customer being very disappointed they didn't have any "special" ingredients. We were able to pay for both our suppers with the $$.
    I also used to go off-roading/mud bogging with my brother and our friends all the time. but that doesn't seem to wild since we were all in 4x4 beaters and did it all the time

  3. About 3 years ago my sons and I hid a digger/JCB from next door's building site leaving only the cab of the machine on the ground so it looked like we had buried the whole machine! It was such fun and I would add that our neighbour is a good friend and a good sport!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  4. Hmmm... what was the craziest thing I've ever done.... Well, I have a big selection of stories for *that* category! LOL One that comes to mind was on a Band trip when I was in high school. We were on the way home-- and it was getting late-- definitely past suppertime.. There weren't many restaurants on that stretch of the interstate, so when we came upon a place that looked large enough to feed a group of our size, the bus drivers pulled in. After confirming that they indeed *could* handle our group, we stormed the place. And, in short order, it became evident that they really *couldn't* handle a group of our size-- not enough servers or cooks on hand... So, a couple of my friends and I decided to "help out"-- we grabbed some order pads, proceeded to collect orders and then *COOK* those orders-- burgers, fries, sodas, etc... We had such fun *playing* restaurant that night! LOL AND.... thank you for the giveaway-- LOVE those colors you've chosen!!! PRETTY!!!! Until recently, I would never have ever considered GREY to be a favorite -- but I've been seeing it so much lately, and it is gorgeous when mixed with the right colors---- beautiful! :-)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. What an awesome giveaway! Would love to get my hands on your stash :)
    You probably know most of my crazy stories, which surprisingly are pretty few. Sneaking out in the middle of the night, TPing the Riley's house. Sadly, that's about as crazy as I get :) Now, if you had asked for *stupid*....I very recently tasted a syrup a mere two seconds after I took it off the burner where it has been boiling. Nasty burn on my lip. I chalk that one up to sleep deprivation!

  7. For sure "we" are not the only crazy's out in the world. I frequently call myself - Crazy Cathy - I can stand up and testify with you.
    SO the craziest thing? That's hard to choose - there are so many. Lately - there are several expamples... like thinking the stove has been turned on and waiting for a very long time wondering why the water isn't boiling? ... My "freaudian" slips of using the wrong key to get into the office (trying to use my home key and wondering why it doesn't fit)... from my childhood - during a vacation trip (about 40 years ago) we had fast food eating it in the car on the way to our next stop.. and I thought it would be fun to tear off a TINY corner of the catsup so that it would spewout and I could get an even thin layer of catsup on my fries... it worked to begin with - hey y'all look at this! I said excited and proud of my achievement - but - OOPS - the package burst and got alll OVER ME! Next excited utterance was - pass me a napkin - HANE ME A NAPKIN! - I N E E D A N A P K I N!!!!!
    TO this day- I have not live that one down.
    It still entertains my family to remind me of that one.
    Cathy Byrd
    byrd at gulftel.com

  8. Fun fabric ideas! I've tried the mushroom one and it turned out really cute! I don't know about crazy stuff... Maybe when I signed up to play football in a girls league and I didn't even really know how to play... That was pretty crazy! :) melissamoore(at)(insightedge)(dot)(com)

  9. Craziest thing I've ever done? Chased and wrangled goats in heels! My mother lives in the country and I was staying with her when her goats jumped their fence-and I was there by myself with two babies! I had gotten dressed to go out somewhere pretty formal and didn't have time to change before I needed to stop those troublesome duo from their path of destruction! So I barreled out there, looking fancy- falling all over the place- I sure must have looked crazy!


  10. Most of the "crazy" things I do lately involve driving ridiculously long distances to shop -- at a quilt store, or IKEA, or something. I have a quilting friend who enables/encourages me to go on these outings and we DO have fun!

  11. I love these FQ projects!!! Many stupid things, but kinda mild on the crazy part... In High School we did all snaek out to TP my ex-boyfriend's car, and then we all we to Walmart in our pj's... That was the crazy thing to do back then, ha!

  12. Lisa Wilson1/24/2012

    One of the craziest things I ever did was go to Fred Meyer's with my friends and we would see if we could flash each other (yes lifting up our shirts to show our bras) without anyone seeing..... now I can't believe I ever did that... you know especially since the security cameras and surely the people watching those got a good show :) LOL Seriously though, you can ask my mom, she knows about this :) Love you!

  13. Hmmm... craziest thing I've ever done is a hard one - there's a lot to choose from. Probably I'm going to have to go with the time that my friend Adam ended up crashing at my place one Sat night (on the couch, of course) and when we got up the next morning we just kept chatting and realized that we were going to be SO late to church, that we decided to just skip and ended up going out and getting my belly button pierced instead! Can you believe I did that? Terrible. I do much more normal, less heathen crazy things now - I promise.

    1. I didn't know this about you! Hilarious that you skipped church and did something that was against standards . . . and on the Sabbath!

  14. A crazy thing I've done was when I was young.. I repelled out of the second story window.

  15. I haven't done too many crazy things. I've had several movie marathons at the theater, where my family and I would stay there all day and watch 6 movies in a row. We'd time it such that there would be minimal time between each movie. All we would eat was popcorn, candy, and soda. By the end of the day I had trouble remembering which movies I watched.

  16. gone swimming in the gulf with sharks in the water, while bleeding from barnacle cuts and flailing madly in search of a buoy in murky water- could i hit any more do-not-do-these in one fell swoop? it was repeatedly too, for a internship in college. here'e the crazy part- i loved it!

  17. I lambada'd on the Volga...which was captured in print in a local newspaper in Russia.

  18. Skydiving or skinny dipping in the sea of Galilee are up there for me. Numerous pranks on those that would kill me could count as well.

    1. Hopefully, young, handsome Jews were not with you at the time, or else you have some explaining to do :) Was this church related? (Oh my word, not the skinny dipping event) lol

  19. Long ago when we were young and foolish, my friend and I switched drivers on the interstate with the cruise control on, going 65 miles an hour. In the passenger seat, I stood up as much as one can in a car while holding the steering wheel for her while she slipped out from under it and into my seat. Then she took the wheel while I moved over. Totally stupid, and I'd have my kids' hides if I found out they ever did this!

    1. Oh Robin! Stop! You are SO lucky you are not 6 feet under right now! But you know what, I think I tried to do something similarly back when I really was retarded.

  20. In my early 20's one of my best friends and I hit up an early happy hour and then walked to the store and thought it would be a GREAT idea to dye my hair jet black lol. No we didn't sober up before we realized that was a bad idea. Four weeks later I had to have my hair stripped, it was bad.

    1. I did too! Well, the dyeing part, not the drinking. ;) (I don't drink) I wasn't fortunate to afford a salon visit afterwards, so I had to let it wash/grow out.

  21. Oh how wicked! Getting us to reveal all our crazies! My (many) crazy moments usually involved an excessive amount of alcohol and are probably not appropriate for me to answer;) I've never had any body piercings or weird tattoos although I have had my ears pierced 5 times and 2 of them I did myself. I did steal a pair of sunglasses when I was 16 from Lord & Taylor, and I have left my mark on Bourbon street. (I went through a little rebellious stage.) Now the only crazy thing I do is get together with some friends once every couple of months and try to relive my rebellious stage then end up regretting it for the next 2 days! And I try and take both kids to the Hobby Lobby. But that's not wild & crazy, just stupid crazy.

  22. Falling in love with my best friend/travel buddy, making him my soul mate and then the father of our baby twins! Crazy, happy, good!

  23. Anonymous1/25/2012

    We were having a hard time with a guy at work ao it was time for paypack. We taped a bag of catfish bait on his equipment and cut little holes in it. It took him weeks to get the stink off!

  24. I don't do crazy, but I do do stupid. I was in High School and my last class of the day was shorthand and typing (tells you pretty much my age, huh!). I hated that class and because I was a Senior, I was able to use the excuse to get out of school - with a forged note from my mother - saying I was visiting colleges. Everything was pretty good until my typing teacher busted me while I was hanging out in the school lobby - outside her classroom. DUH! I won't mention the drinking/driving/running out of gas/police helping us out story. I think you can pretty much figure that one out. Thanks!

  25. Anonymous1/25/2012

    Awesome giveaway!!!! Craziest thing I have done....well...I do crazy things all the time! I drove several hours away from home on my due date to attend a football tailgate at my alma mater....no, not even THAT put me into labor, by the way! He was evacuated 4 days later :)

  26. This isn't really "crazy" but it was a funny family moment! :) We were on a family vacation, driving across the country with 7 of us packed (and I mean PACKED) into a minivan. Of course we had to stop at every little site and pile out of the van and take pictures...7 of us with 7 cameras...it took FOREVER to drive across the country from Ohio to Nevada. Anywho, we stopped at some random place in Arizona and all piled out to take pictures and then hurried to get back in the van. It was an extremely desolate place and I remember thinking...oh man, i'd had to get stuck out here! Then, all of the sudden the van started to drive off without me! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I started running and yelling, "WAIT!!!!!" and I caught up with the van and was running along side of the van and holding the door handle. I thought i'd be abandoned out there forever with the armadillos! Turns out my Dad had no idea I was still outside! He thought we were all back in the car. But, noooooooooo. :) The van stopped and I was SO greatful to get back in. We laughed for hours that day about what happened...and STILL do. :0)

  27. Jessica1/26/2012

    I am in the middle of The craziest thing I have ever done. I am finishing up a quilt I gave myself only 1 week to make. It may seem like a lot of time but when u include necessities like working and a little sleep.... I am learning a lot but may have bitten off a little ( ok a LOT) more than I can chew! Like I said, CRAZY!

  28. I absolutely love the fat quarter ideas-Thank you!! I'm from England and have followed for quite a while - would happily pay the postage!
    Craziest thing I've done?!hmm lots to choose from...Before I was a sensible Mum I ran away from my Dad's to live with a friend...Actually those events led me to my husband and children - so all's well that ends well.
    Just for you though - craziest thing my HUBBY did - got his friend to tattoo my name on his bum the week before our wedding - he was stonecold sober!!!xxxx

  29. What great ideas for fat quarters! The craziest project I've done with fat quarters is that I bought a fabric table runner at Target and then covered the entire thing on one side with fabric yo-yo's. It took several weeks to make that many yo-yo's but it was so worth it! I used the Yo-yo maker from Clover and it was the yellow size. A full length table runner takes 186 Yo-Yo of that size. I adhered them using Aleene's No Sew Glue that I picked up at Michaels. Hope I win so I can get to making some yo-yo's! I'm starting on Christmas gifts now! :) Kare

  30. Lisa Wilson2/20/2012

    I seriously need to get started on my fat quarter project! I am going to make a teddy bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous7/15/2012

    When I was still reeeaaaallllyyyy little, my dad pulled in the snowy driveway, crazy me, I ran outside to greet him in... just a t-shirt and underwear...

  32. Thank you for the lovely links! I have just made myself the iPhone case! Easy tutorial and nice to make something for myself!


  33. The craziest thing I've done (and am still doing) is buying materials for craft projects and then never using them! Now that's crazy!

  34. When I was 16, I jumped of the roof of my garage onto my trampoline. It was such a rush! My brother caught it on video.


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