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I am adding Bloglovin' as a new way to follow owen's olivia.  I could not find any legitimate news with Google announcing they are getting rid of GFC.  Soooo,  I am leaving GFC up for as long it will stay.  If it disappears one morning, then I will know what happened.

But I would hate for you to not know what happened and when.  One minute you're following along and then some time passes with owen's olivia not showing up in your reader and you're like, "What happened to that weird sewing and home blog I liked so much?"    So the option is there to follow along with Bloglovin'.

And if you can find news from Google (not from other bloggers or news sites) stating it is removing GFC, please send me the link!

I have thought about adding Feedly, but since I cannot verify for sure that GFC is leaving, I am not using it as a replacement.  If it's gone in the summer, I will find another way for you to follow along.

I am changing a few things around the blog (again), so if anything seems off, it is more than likely because I am tweaking it.  I have already begun changing up my tutorial page, and I would like to add QUILTS and MY HOME to the top of the blog as well.  But I got an HTML freak to write the code for my drop downs, and now I am not sure how to edit it!  :/  Those people amaze me.

Friends, we are only 49 likes away on Facebook before one of the Facebook followers wins one of these prizes.  YOU choose!  And if there is anything my Facebook peeps can tell you, it is I am more active on FB.  They see what's going on behind the scenes and when something redonkulous happens.


Well, technically, I am moving.  And only for the summer.  But if I am moving, that means my blog is moving too, right?  :)   To be honest, I am not sure what direction my blog will take while I am away from home.  But I am imagining lots of photos of all the things I am doing while on a 3 month vacation in San Diego, CA.  Some may not call it a vacation (my husband), but Owen and I will be hitting the beach a lot and visiting Disneyland, the zoo, and the aquarium.  

I will be bringing my sewing machine, so I will get to sew.  But since we are moving to an apartment, that means I can't do a lot of DIY.  Plus, we are not staying there long enough for me to be invested in doing any home projects around the apartment.  My goal is to stay out of the apartment to explore the city with a 3 year old.  Oh, did I mention that our neighbor's garage is bigger than our apartment?

So in just a few short weeks the family and I are packing our bags and heading out west to get our Tijuana on.    I know you want to see our crazy drive out west, so make sure you follow along via Facebook.  ;)  

Any San Diego readers out there?  And any tips for long travels?  How about some places to eat or not-to-miss tourist spots on our drive from NC to CA?



  1. I am doing some spring cleaning on my blog too! I wish I had an HTML freak working on my blog! For now, I'm just learning on my own (which I suck at, haha!).

  2. When we drove from southern VA to Oceanside (just north of SD) we went by Carlsbad Caverns, I loved it!! I think it just depends on which way you want to go as to what you see, when we moved back from CA to VA we went the northern way and went by the Grand Canyon among other national parks and I loved that as well :) I'm jealous of you guys going to SD for the summer I miss it so badly! if you go to Oceanside you have to go to the pier and there is a little mexican place nearby called Colimas (I probably spelled it wrong) they have the best California burritos ever!! Have fun can't wait to see what all you guys do!

  3. Oh, wow - that sounds like it will be a fun three months!

  4. I've been following blogs using bloglovin' for years, I love it!


  5. What an exciting adventure! Best of luck.

  6. wow that sounds exciting! hope your moving for 3 months is a smooth transition! (my toddler still randomly cries about the rocking chair we got rid of out of the front room - and that was months ago!)

  7. Oh man! Fun city! Ill miss you! I was hoping to come see you this summer! Bet you will have happy sewing!

  8. If you log into Google Reader, it opens up saying Google Reader won't be available after July 1, 2013. I am not sure how tied that is to GFC, but I moved over to Bloglovin' just in case. Hope that helps some.

  9. Fun--I live in San Diego! What a fun summer you're going to have! Make sure you go to the Zoo's Safari Park as well (up in Escondido, that's where I'm from:) and make your way up and down the coast! Lots of fun beaches and spots to visit. Are you going to be right in the heart of the city?

  10. Good luck with your huge move from coast to coast! Is that for your husbands study? Short spurts in the car with a three year old would be my advice. Scout out every play ground on the route!

  11. I'm just 45 minutes to an hour north of San Diego (depending on traffic) I agree with the above comment about the Safari Park. If you're a beach family take a day trip to San Onofre, pack up the cooler for a bbq at sundown, it's so fun! Have a safe journey!


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