Catalog Quilt Finish || #5

This post has been updated with a few new photos. (01.05.13)


I typically do not name my quilts, but this one I did.  This is quilt #5, though I have not bound #4 yet.  (I'm still waiting on buying fabric for the back for my scrappy stash quilt #6.)  This is not a scrap quilt nor an I Spy quilt, though it may look like it.  This is what I call a Catalog quilt.  It catalogs all the prints I own for the year 2012, excluding solids, linens, and anything smaller than a fat quarter.  The concept of this quilt came about when Beth had mentioned to me she would love to raid my stash.  I knew my stash was not large, but I do love all the prints I own.  I thought it would be neat to see every print I own in 2012 and put into a simple, charm cut design.  I thought the idea was quite clever, and I am sure I will do this again in 2013.  This would be perfect for anyone who likes to hang quilts or would like to catalog all the prints he or she owns too.   If you have a larger stash than me, you could opt to cut smaller squares.  I think a catalog book would be nice too.  Similar to my Kona card that I own, but in a more crafty, owen's olivia style fashion.   I thought about keeping the quilt, but I am sure it would be loved more by a new baby and his or her mother.  Quilt is listed in my Etsy shop.  It is washed, ready to use, and ready to ship.

I'm sharing this with Freshly Pieced.



  1. I love this quilt - and what a great idea!

  2. The idea of a catalog quilt is amazing! There are so many fabrics sitting around that I don't want to use because I like looking at them... This would be a good way to ensure they'll always be around for me to look at :)

  3. I love your quilts and how well all your pieces go together! You're so great with colors!
    I'm pretty new to the fabric world and am wondering, where do you buy designer fabrics? Do you have to order them online, or at boutique shops? Do mainstream fabric/craft stores carry any great fabrics? Thanks! :)

  4. Gorgeous! All of your quilts really are amazing. Those quilting lines look perfectly straight. Do you quilt on your regular machine?

  5. I love it! Your quilting looks fantastic! And I really like how you did the color placement. And now that I see ALL your fabrics together, I really want to raid your stash!

  6. Looks good! Love you choices!

  7. Very clever idea - it's lovely!

  8. what a fab idea! I love it!

  9. It looks really great, better than some charmpacks. Oh, and can recognize one fabric I´ve got too :)

  10. I love this idea, and all of your fabrics are so great together (I don't think I would have that restraint!). I love your quilts... so envious of that skill!

    xox Lilly

  11. Ooo, I love it! And what a fun idea for a quilt :)

  12. I love it! Who would've thought all those fabrics together could look so cohesive and nice?! Great idea!!

    1. Thank you! It's amazing how all those fabrics do go together!


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