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I don't know what you do when you are stressed out/depressed/anxious/just need a break/or getaway but I like to shop!  I don't like to shop for clothes though, and it definitely shows.  For real.  Sign me up on What Not to Wear, and I will thank you later.  But I do like to shop for fabric!!!

I was having a downer kind of day awhile back, so I bought a little perk me up.  I hope there isn't a correlation between the amount of goods I buy with the amount of depression I feel.  Haha!

Here's what I got.

Scrap Pack

I love the little paper hat tutorial!

Solid Scrap Pack

Jane Dixon City Scenes City Scape, ???, Rashida Washi Squiggle, Amy Butler Lark Kasbah, Backyard Baby Backyard Party, Erin McMorris La Dee Da Pixie

Anna Maria Horner Field Study

Anna Maria Horner Field Study

 I really love this print.  It's large and beautiful, and it has chevrons.

Kona solids

Kona solids

After a purchase like this, I just tell myself I got more for my money.  I could have bought a little black dress for x amount of dollars or buy fabric for the same amount of dollars and make 5 dresses!  See, justification can be a good thing at times.

What do you like to do on the days you are feeling down?



  1. I just did the same thing yesterday... Except I was ordering $10 of thread and I thought, "If I spend $35, it's free shipping... Oh, everything is 25% off if I spend $150? Don't mind if I do!" At the end of the month, "Oh crap, how am I going to pay my credit card bill??" haha

  2. MYGOSH!!!! You are not going to believe this but I buy material too!!!! and the funny thing is I actually have some of the same patterns as you do..Fabric Ville is my favorite place to shop.
    I have bins down in the basement and I haven't looked at them in over a year.. I must take them out and use them on cards! Thank you for this post!I am a new follower

  3. Cute fabric!!! I wonder what you'll make with it........ :)

    When I'm grumpy I go to Homesense and/or eat a whole row of oreos. hee hee!

  4. I do exactly. the. same. thing... Fabric shopping eases stress and anxiety around here :) There's nothing better than getting a present in the mail, and that's how I do it!

  5. Um, yes. I buy fabric when I'm down. And I definitely buy more fabric when I'm being nonproductive-- like right now. I love all those field study fabrics.

  6. You probably know that I love fabric. I LOVE other peoples scraps most of all! You did awesome! Inlove with the paper airplanes and AMH! Playing with fabric, petting it, staring at it, rolling..Anyway I got some scraps this week myself. Ill be blogging later. Let's just say-JACKPOT!

  7. oh lucky you! I like to go shopping too - when not hugely pregnant lol. but If I had $ for retail therapy right now I'd buy the sarah jane out to sea line.. oh gosh that fabric is begging to be made into a ruffled something dress for the girl (soon to be girls)


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