california loot

After gathering up all the items I purchased over the summer, I was amazed by two things.

1. That all of this actually squeezed into our Subaru Outback, along with our personal items.
2. That I didn't buy more stuff.

Most of these items were found at thrift stores.

First up, a poster from The Postal Service, which is rolled up behind the antlers.  We went to see them live in San Diego, and it was great!  We know this poster doesn't have our city on it, but that poster was orange.  I try to stay away from orange for my home, so I opted for this blue one instead.

Elk and deer antlers.  I didn't purchase these.  They were given to me from a family friend of Matt's who works for a national park in UT.  The elk ones look dingy, so I will see if there is a quick way to bleach them without having them sit out in the sun for months or years.  He gave me two broken deer antlers not knowing that I wanted to use these for home decor.  What would you do with broken antlers?  Luckily, there are some good antlers in there that I can use.

I'm slowly collecting brass animals.  It all started with the adorable whale that many people liked.  The pig came from the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and the eagle, giraffe, and snail came from a thrift shop.

Thrifted flower petal bowl.

IKEA bowls and mugs.  These will be used for organization in my sewing room.

Butterprint Pyrex.  I actually bought these at two different locations.  The small dishes came from a thrift store, and the two larger dishes came from an antique store.

Pyrex was ahead of its time for making this modern rooster and corn print in the 1950s.  Don't you think?

Matt and I had a really good time with this globe.  We played "Name What Year That Country Existed" game.  Using a country's border is a great way to date a globe or map if the date is missing.  We found out this globe was manufactured in 1950.  I found this at an antique store, and I got the lady to take less than what she was asking for.   I really love the colors, and I think that's what drew me in.  And it's a cute size.  All the globes I were finding at the Rose Bowl were plastic or in rainbow colors, so I thought this was a good find.

Okay, am I the only one in love with this thrifted basket???  I'm thinking of taking off the handle.

After doing a little research, we found out these jars were made in the 1800s.  Just check out those irregularities and air bubbles!  Honestly, I do not care if these are antique since I will be using them, but I was so happy to see they were selling for less than what I would pay in North Carolina.  I picked these up from a junk store on the side of a highway in Colorado.  The owner was really old, still had curlers in her hair, and openly swore about anything and everything while I was poking around.  The place was a dump with broken glass on the floor and with the tiniest aisles to walk through, but it was filled with some treasures.  Unfortunately at this point, I was not able to buy anything large.

This is the brass lamp I instagramed awhile back.  Not too shabby for $10 at a thrift store, huh?

So the story behind this sign is I was strolling around the Rose Bowl flea market.  I didn't realize how bright the sun was nor did I notice how bad my retinas were until I came home with the sign.  When buying it, I thought the colors were black.  Nope.  PURPLE.  Dude, I don't do purple in my home.  So this sign will go in my sewing room unless I can find a way to incorporate it into another room.

Doily stretcher found at a thrift store.  I thought this could make a cool peg board.

The yellow rug you see in some of the photos came from IKEA.  We needed a rug to cover the hardwood floors in the apartment.  Not pictured - These black and white pillows from IKEA.  I picked them up for my living room.

The large stack of fabrics were covered in this post.  I weighed it too, if you are curious in seeing that.  I'm pretty sure that stack increased my current stash by 200%.

So that's all the stuff we got while in CA.  Living there for the summer was really great.  The weather was nice the entire time, there was lots to do and see, and it was nice change of scenery for me.  We felt very blessed for the opportunity we had to live there.  Matt's internship with Qualcomm went really well.  It's so weird to think he is now an electrical engineer who's taking his education a little further by going to grad school.  I felt like the end was never in sight.  Ha!

Matt and Owen will be away for the whole weekend!!  This means I should have some time to sew and get things done around the house without a 3 year old needing my undivided attention 24/7.   That will be so nice.   :)

Have a great weekend!



  1. Deer antlers are great dog bones. They can sell for $10 for small spikes, and upwards of $20 for the main trunk.

  2. Great finds!!! I'm totally jealous. I love ALL of it :)

  3. Anonymous8/29/2013

    Fun finds! I found some similar jars at a yard sale this summer and have been using them for everything. I also love the pyrex. Can't wait to see where you put some of those antlers! :)

  4. Loved seeing all of your treasures Nancy! You have such a great eye. Can't wait to see what you do with the antlers. Love the globe too and that poster from the Postal Service. Way cool. xo

  5. I'm desperate to visit the Rose Bowl flea market!!! You've got some amazing finds all -in -all. Loving your work!

    Maryam @softandcosy.com

    1. Thank you! It's insanely huge. Do you have flea markets? My father in law lives in Inverness, Scotland. ;). Matt and I are backpacking Scotland and surrounding countries next summer. !!!

  6. Oooh a Scottish connection! You'll have some amazing photo opps in bonnie Scotland, let me tell you! I'll be tuning in for those posts for sure.

    We don't really have flea markets as such in the UK- we have things called car boot sales but it tends to be a lot of household junk people want to get rid of like juicers and DVDs. I want the good stuff!


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