For Britt || A Swoon Pillow

Britt was married for all time and eternity in the Mesa, AZ LDS temple awhile back.  Her wedding colors were yellow and gray (sweeeeet!), so a pillow for the new bride and groom seemed fitting.   I got to get my swoon on, and Britt now gets a dose of lovely on her couch, bed, or sitting chair.

It's all in the details . . .

 Vanessa Christenson is rocking those chevrons.  Am I right?!  I really like this print from her simply style collection.

My original plan was to use gingham fabric.  I embroidered the state of AZ and included a little heart representing the Mesa area.  My next intention was to add their last name and 2013, but a little accident happened.  I misplaced my fabric pen, and my stitching became crooked from eyeballing everything.  It just didn't look hot, so I opted for this chevron fabric instead.

Picture from my Instagram.

I like how this accident happened.  I chose not to embroider on their pillow because I felt it just didn't need it with the chevron backing and would become distracting.

I know some people could care less if directional prints stay in the right direction in a swoon block, but for some reason, it drives me bonkers when they are not.  Am I the only one who has this weird quirk?

So after working hard on my beautiful pillow, it was not until AFTER I took photos that I realized one stinking block was facing the wrong way.  Seriously???  The one block that required little thought nonetheless.

Fixing that was a total pain but worth it in the end.  Thank goodness this pillow has a zipper!!

Swoon blocks are usually large, but I purposefully made mine small at 12".  Although I do like the look and idea of using a swoon block for an entire pillow, I feel that, sometimes, the design is lost by the curvatures of the pillow.   By framing the block, it allows the person to see the design without compromising the aesthetic look of a down filled pillow.

And that's the story of Britt's Swoon Pillow.

Other fabrics used:
Riley Blake Willow Herringbone
Essex Linen in Black
Kona White and Curry
Daisy Jane Mumsy

I hope you all have a good weekend!  I am cleaning our apartment from top to bottom today.  We drive back to NC this evening!!  We are heading to UT, to CO, to KS, to TN, and then finally to NC.  We'll be on the road for a little over a week.  I'm excited to get back home after this 3 month long vacation.  I'm ready to get back and spruce up our home!  :)



  1. I seriously LOVE that pillow!!! I am amazed by your quilt skills!

  2. love it it's beautiful.

  3. Still love it! And sadly I've performed an after its done fix before too. Awesome pics!

  4. Super cute and love that gray/yellow combo:) I just ordered the swoon pattern, can't wait for it!

  5. Personally I'm more of a random direction type of person, but a few months ago I found my hubby had re-organized a quilt I had laid out so that all of the prints were in the same direction, he couldn't handle them being random! Beautiful pillow :)

  6. That is really beautiful Nancy! Im impressed with your fix it job - I think I would have done the same :o)

  7. I love it and what a great finish. I love the Chervon - I think I have it in the grey, navy and green :-)

  8. Anonymous8/09/2013

    Flawless! I'm so impressed at your attention to detail.

  9. Anonymous8/09/2013

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love the yellow piped or binded edge. Did you use piping. Thanks for sharing Marie (mlismore@optusnet.com.au)

  10. Love the pillow!! Great job as always Nancy! Safe travels tonight:))

  11. So pretty! And that chevron on the back is perfect.

  12. Love your cushion, especially the fabrics you used. What a great gift.

  13. That is so cool! I love it. Homemade gifts are the best ones!

  14. wow, that is a great pillow, love it. That sounds like something that would happen to me, take the picture of the finished product to fins a mistake in it>>>>


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