Fat Quarter Hexagon Clock || Tutorial

I was very fortunate to participate in U Create's Fat Quarter Series last month.  Today, I am sharing with you my DIY Hexagon Clock tutorial that uses only ONE fat quarter!

Did you know hexagons are the new chevrons?  Well, this timeless shape is used all the time in the quilting world, but hexagons are making their way into home decor.

I am sharing with you a different way to use a fat quarter, and how you can incorporate this trendy design into your space.  This project caters to those who hate to sew, are intimated to sew, or just do not have the money or space to acquire sewing tools.

This project can be made to look sophisticated, even minimalistic, or it can be fun and whimsical.  There can be many different variations whether it's the size of the hexagons, the amount of hexagons used, or the fabric itself that is being used.  Each variation can create a new look.



I work very hard on producing original, creative projects.  This is for personal use only.  Please link back and give proper credit to owen's olivia if sharing your project on the web or through any social media site.  Thank you.

Sheet of  heavy paper.  Mine was 300 lbs weight and measured 20" x 30".
Hexagon template
Fabric pen
X-ACTO knife
Permanent craft glue that dries clear (I used Aleena's Tacky Glue)
Clock parts (available at Michael's and Hobby Lobby)
One fat quarter (Stash Modern Fabric is a good resource for modern fabrics.)


Let's get started on your hexagon clock!  Feel free to share your version on my Flickr page!

*I made a scrappy version as well, which is what you will see in the tutorial.

Step 1.
Using the hexagon template, cut out one piece and trace onto your heavy paper.  This will become your new template.  Mark this hexagon with a T, so you do not use it when you assemble your clock.  Use the new template to make 19 hexagons.  Cut out.

Step 2.
Place a hexagon onto your fabric and mark 1/4" seam allowance lines.  See photo below.  Cut out.  Do this for all 19 hexagons.

Step 3.

Using permanent glue, place a  few tiny dots on the front of your hexagon.  Place your fabric on top and press.  This will help to secure the fabric as you are folding it over the paper.  Place a line of glue near the edge of the hexagon.  Fold over fabric.  Repeat on all sides.

Step 4.
Place glue just on the edge of the hexagon that will be touching another hexagon.  Press firmly together, and remove any excess glue.  You do not need a lot of glue.  Repeat until all the hexagons are glued together.

*I like to start with my center hexagon and work out.

Step 5.

Using an X-ACTO knife, cut a hole in the center of your hexagon clock.  Make sure to start small checking periodically with your clock parts to make sure they fit snuggly.  You do not want it loose.

Step 6.
Cut a few strips from the remaining paper, and glue to the back of your hexagon making sure they do not interfere with the clock piece.  This helps to stabilize the clock a little better.

Step 7.
Assemble your clock, and hang.  Placing your clock in direct sunlight will cause the fabric to fade over time.

Tip:  If you find that you need a little more support around the clock hands, I would glue in place something that is the appropriate height you need between the backside of the paper and clock mechanism ( a small piece of wood comes to mind).  You may even find that allowing the gold thread to peek through to the front may offer better stabilization, if needed.  I did neither of these suggestions for my two clocks.

Remember this is for personal use only.  Please link back and give proper credit to owen's olivia if sharing your project on the web or through any social media site.  

If you do make a hexagon clock, please consider sharing it in my Flickr group.  I would love to see it!

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xx nancy

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  1. I love this idea. Did you purchase the clock hands in aqua or did you paint them?

    1. Thank you. I purchased the blue hands at Target. :)

  2. Anonymous7/24/2013

    Amazing .......so effective. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How awesome is this! I want to make one of these for my bedroom...lets see if my enthusiasm matches my talent...LOL. FYI, I find it really hard to comment on your blog, would it be possible to add name/URL?


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