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My posts lately have only been sewing related, which makes me sad.  Don't get me wrong.  I like to sew, but I also like to go thrift store shopping and tweak things around my home.  I feel a little home sick only because I want to get back to North Carolina to my list of projects around the home.  (I'm currently living in California for the summer.)  Like finish my kitchen, make a few art pieces, or tackle my monochromatic living room.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.  I'm sorry Matt.  But in the meantime, I have been trying to enjoy this slower, less stressful lifestyle.  And I have been!

I visited Danny over the 4th of July weekend, which we had a really good time!  My first stop was Las Vegas, NV to watch Garth Brooks in concert at the Wynn.  FRONT ROW and AMAZEBALLS.  That's all I can say about that.  No photos or cell phones were allowed during the performance, so I have none to show.  Did you know Garth is a comedian?  Well, he is.  A really good one too.  After Vegas, we headed to Phoenix, AZ to stay with Danny.  She took me shopping, and I bought a mother lode of fabric.   Raleigh, NC lacks a modern quilt shop, so I went a bit nuts.  I think there's about 16 or 17 yards of fabric in the first 2 photos that you are about to see.  The last photo is actually fabric I purchased recently online (Stash Modern Fabric) or here in San Diego, but I never got around to showing it off.

This post is sponsored and brought to you by Matt Purvis, my husband.

I'll try to share with you the name of the fabrics.  Some I do not remember, and some I only know the designer/collection.  If you know something I do not, feel free to leave it in the comment box.  I'll update the descriptions.

1.  Denise Schmidt  Joann  2.  Indian Summer Sarah Watson  3.  Little Red Riding Hood Riley Blake
4.  Denise Schmidt  Joann  5.  Denise Schmidt  Joann   6.  Urban Mod
7. Indian Summer Sarah Watson   8.   Holli Zollinger   9.  Indie Pat Bravo

1.   Indian Summer Sarah Watson   2.   Lark Amy Butler 3.  Unknown  Andover
4.  Pencil Checks  Mini Mikes  5.  Indian Summer Sarah Watson  6.  Indie Pat Bravo
7.  Anna Maria Horner  8.  Indian Summer Sarah Watson  9.  Indian Summer Sarah Watson

1.  Modern Meadow Amy Butler  2.   Holli Zollinger   3.  Pearl Bracelets Lizzy House
4. Unknown   5.  Remember Carina Gardner  6.  Neon
7.  Pezzy Print  8.   Type   9.  Amy Butler

1.  Anna Maria Horner  2.  Storybook Lane Kelly Lee-Creel  3.  Ann Kelle  Robert Kaufmann
4.  Amy Butler   5.  Architextures Carolyn Friedlander   6.  Robot Factory  Robert Kaufmann
7.  Lark Amy Butler  8.  Modern Meadow Joel Dewberry  9.  Field Study Anna Maria Horner

1.  Architextures Carolyn Friedlander   2.  Alchemy Amy Butler  3.  Urban Mod
4. Pearl Bracelets Lizzy House 5. Washi Rashida Coleman Hale  6. Midwest Modern Amy Butler
7.  Architextures Carolyn Friedlander  8.  Dear Stella 9.  Kyla May Timeless Treasures

1.   Amy Butler   2.  Modern Meadow Joel Dewberry  3.   Michael Miller
4.  Bella Lotta Jansdotter  5.  Quilt Blocks Ellen Luckett Baker 6. Indie Chic
7.  Home Decor Unknown  8.  Basic Grey pb&j

1.  Technicolor Emily Herrick  2.  Dot n square Mini Mikes

(There are few prints that I did not photograph but are in the bundles.)

So am I nuts?  Do you feel sorry for Matt?  How much yardage have you bought in a single day?

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  1. wow, what a haul! I love every bit of fabric you got!

  2. Drool. Let me know if he's seeking out other sponsorship opportunities anytime soon ;)

  3. Naw, I don't feel sorry for Matt. He's getting off lucky. Just remember, if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. :)

  4. When you get home, you so need to try Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill (http://factotum-of-arts.com/2013/07/02/fabric-stash-01-07-2013-thimble-pleasures-quilt-shop/) ...its about 30 minutes on the I40...there is a good coffee shop right next door, and a ice block/popsicle store for the kids.

    There is also a new store in Cary downtown which I am checking out sometime in the next couple of weeks. I will let you know what I think. If you every want a shopping partner I am always up for fabric shopping. :-)

  5. Holy crap those are amazing for a giveaway! Wait, no? Darn. :) Seriously, awesome fabrics!

  6. I feel your pain with a lack of modern quilt shops locally... our closest is about an hr away. what an awesome haul. I just bought a ton of fabric too... Couldnt resist the 4th of july sales going on online :)

  7. See, that's what would probably happen if there was a good modern store around here. I'm thankful for online stores (the only way to get most modern fabrics) but it isn't the same as feeling it. Are there any good thrift stores out there?

    1. Touching it and seeing the colors in person makes a world of a difference!

      I have not ventured out to any thrift stores out here yet. Surprisingly, there are none near me! But I am hoping to attend the famous Rose Bowl flea market this Sunday. It only happens once a month and only on Sundays. :(

  8. Gorgeous - love Indian Summer, I am waiting for a parcel of that to arrive at my door any day now!

  9. Awesome fabrics! How nice of Matt to sponsor you!

  10. Oh my....what wonderful fabrics!

  11. Jealous!! If I purchased all that, I would definitely have to hide everything, pull them out in spurts and pretend they've always been there! ;)

  12. Wow! Awesome choices - and completely jealous you met Danny!

  13. oooooh! motherlode is right! glad to see that i am in there somewhere :)

    1. Well, of course Holli! You are one of my favorites!


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