goodbye card table . . . hello tripod legs

yes, i ate on a card table, and i would have continued to do so if this sweet, little table had not entered my life.  thank you craigslist for being so awesome.

before with card table:

this is a small table at only 42 inches, but it meets our needs.  for $75 i thought it was a great deal, if only just for the tripod base alone.  isn't that lovely?

it has a great teak tabletop that i have no plans to refinish.  i really like the way it is.  it's creepy how well it matches the floor.

what i liked about the card table is allowed adequate space for maneuvering around the table on all four sides.  when we had our large 6 seater rectangle table there, which is now in the office, it was hard to move around with the buffet and our main entry (carport door) right there on either side.  now we still have plenty of room to move around.

still need to center light the kitchen light.  look at how much natural light comes in in the morning.

this is the best photo so far that accurately represents the true color of our kitchen island countertop.  if you love green, this is a really pretty green.  it is silestone's green fun, and i blogged about it here.

i imagine this table working really well in a kitchen nook with banquette seating.

i do have plans to replace my white chairs.  i'm imagining wicker chairs mixed with affordable metal chairs.  though wicker may not be the most ideal with a toddler.  i keep imagining food finding its way into all the crevices of the wicker chair.  have any of you ever experienced that problem before?

so what do you think of my $75 craigslist table?

p.s.- i have a link up party going on until this friday, so come share what you have been up to.  love to have ya!

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  1. I really like it! I haven't seen one like it before, looks great!

  2. Look awesome Nancy! So glad you decided to get it. What a great find!

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  4. Awesome! And I have to say that the wood planks you put on the front of your island really look great. I like the shot looking in to your kitchen.

  5. Ooh I like it! Great table and amazing price. You are a Craigslist magician :)

    xo Lilly

  6. I LOVE your table. The tripod legs are amazing. Oh, and I'm super glad you linked up because I can tell I'm going to spend some quality time going through your archives. Your grey walls are beautiful.

  7. That table is fab!! Dude. Great score.

  8. Looking here after your end of the year post...love your colors...why not paint your chairs to match your counter? At least until you can get the chairs your want!


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