How to remove rust from metal || A ridiculously easy tutorial

Earlier this week I shared with you my new-ish dining table.  When I had bought it, there was some rust on the legs.  The owner said she stored the table outside, which explained the rust.  I didn't let it deter me from buying the piece though because I knew that it could be easily remedied.  You can apply this quick trick to anything that has metal legs.  I'm sure this could also work on just about anything metal as well.

Supplies needed:

  • Steel wool in medium and fine grade  (If there is a heavy amount of rust, you may want to try coarse.)
  • A mask.  Steel wool releases the tiniest of particles when used, so it freaks me out that I could be inhaling it.  
  • Gloves if you cannot handle the way steel wool feels between your fingers
  • Damp and dry cloths for cleaning afterwards

Step 1 - If you can, take your project outside.  To remove rust, simply take your medium steel wool and rub it against the metal going in all sorts of directions.  Up and down, circular, side to side.  Scrub until you have removed all the rust.  After the rust is gone, you will use the fine steel wool and repeat.  This fine tunes everything and makes it all shiny and pretty.

The left leg is done.

Step 2 -  Take your damp cloth and wipe down your project.  Steel wool releases small particles, so I like to know I'm not taking this back into my home.  Dry your piece well to insure no rust will form again.

This is why you should wear a mask!

A brand new looking base.

That's it!  Told ya it was crazy easy!  :)

To see the tripod dining table in my home, please click here.

xx nancy

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  1. Great tip, and I really do love that table base!

    xo Lilly

  2. I use a little barkeepers friend with the steel wool and it works awesome getting the rust off too

  3. That base is really cool. I have some rust to remove, I may try your method soon.

  4. You should SEE the wonderful job steel wool did on my brass door knobs. Absolutely beautiful. No more stupid paint dissolving polish for me!

  5. Anonymous6/23/2014

    Do you think this would work on my 1950s diner table???

  6. Anonymous6/23/2014

    Do you think this would work on my 1950s diner table???

    1. I'm not sure why it wouldn't, but I would test an inconspicuous spot first. :)


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